Congrats Miguel!

My baby is going to be in primary school soon! I was teary eyed watching him perform at his graduation concert. I must really pay attention to him. Cherish each day. Forgive me for saying this cliche but they really do grow so fast! 

Here's a layout I gave him, using the cutest Triplits Balloons dies by Stephanie Barnard for Sizzix. Check out my Sizzix Inspiration post HERE

Pasta Sunday

I love cooking but I am not a great one. I FAIL most of the time :P I have accepted that fact about me but I'm not giving up :) So today I cooked 2 pastas ... 

         ... spaghetti for the boys

        ... aglio olio for me and hubby

So we all ate and then this happens ... this seldom happens when I'm the one who cooks lol!

 I'm a happy mommah! Thanks to my friend Anna for her  Aglio Olio recipe and the pine seeds that came with it.  I did it =)

May isa nga indi ma kuntento sa isa ka pasta :D 

extreme emotions

Today I woke up very very excited for something... 
Then I was so happy over that something... 
Then towards the end of the day, became extremely disappointed about a different something...
Wish I could tell you more... but I don't need to bore you with my drama... 

Choosing to be proactive... here's the layout about Kuya which I did for the Sizzix Blog. Tutorial can be found here

Today in Kuya's blog I shared about his  latest miracle. Then I played Jenga with Migs. Cooked pizza. Cleaned the house. Watched movie with Benjo.  I know I have a God who loves me.  It's fine with me if most of the people I care about don't. All in all, it's still a beautiful day. Not perfect but beautiful. 

Happiness is letting go of what you thought your life is supposed to look like and celebrating if for everything that it is.

Children's Day Gifts for Sizzix | by Miguel

I love this Sizzix  "You  & Me" Thinlits die set a lot! Look! 

When I picked this, I originally wanted to make a  cute layout of me and Benjo since it's "you and me" and I already had a plan in mind on how to use the couple diecut. But then... 

Someone told me he wanted to make gifts for his classmates (and for Kuya's too) for Children's  Day (here in Singapore) which happens to be tomorrow. I then forgot about my original plans and shifted to his suggestion. That is to make something using WATER COLORS. Hmmn... how can I make him do his "water coloring" while I make my Sizzix assignment? 

Here's what I did: 

1. I diecut boxes using my Bigshot Machine and the Milk Box die. 
2. Folded the boxes along the scored line (the box diecuts are already scored!) and glued the flaps, making the box.
3. Then I diecut the sun, clouds, rainbow using white cardstock (these are the things Miguel will color). Look at him below :D

4. Embellished the boxes with the colorful diecuts. 
5. Added the "Smile" diecuts in gold. 
6. Filled the boxes with sweets, sealed with washitape. 

7. Most importantly, the boxes had to be labeled :) 

The smile on my son's face was priceless! This is one of the Sizzix projects I won't ever forget. Because I had Miguel as "guest designer" :) 

Special Thanks to Mae for helping me and Miguel diecut all the
 needed shapes for all 18 (for Miguel) and 6 (for Kuya) kids. 
Happy Children's Day!!! 

Supplies used: 
Bigshot Machine - Sizzix
Milk Box - Sizzix
You  & Me Thinlits - Sizzix
cardstock - Bazzil
water color
washi tape

love | Sizzix

It's my turn at Sizzix blog now! Check out my tutorial on how I used Echo Park dies to come up with this layout. 

Spool Card for Sizzix

Check out my post at Sizzix blog featuring Jillibean Soup Spool Card Die! 

Happiness Found

This layout perfectly conveys how Rujim is as a person, and how we are as a family, with him in our life. He has autism and it doesn't feel like it. In God's infinite love and mercy, we have the courage and the acceptance. We live differently in some aspects but mostly, we are just like other families. Just so thankful that as early as now, with our limitations, we are able to find our happiness. 

Started with creating my background by randomly blending these pretty color from the mini distress pads kit #7 over a white cardstock and a stencil.

I always say this and pardon me if I'll say it again. I wish I had girls so I could always easily scrapbook with pretty things, laces and flowers. But then I have boys. Can I still scrapbook? Scrapbook with pretty things? The answer is YES! Thanks to SIZZIX! Dies such as the one below enable me to enjoy making beautiful layouts even without the girly stuff. 

I used this super cool, cute, very versatile Sizzix Thinlits "I Heart This" die set to cut gold foil paper to accent the page. 

I used a foam adhesive to give the die-cut some height. Love how it perfectly framed Rujim's beautiful smile! 

One of the most important elements in a layout is the journaling. It will tell us what photos and embellishments can't tell... like our thoughts and sentiments. We can journal with stickers, typewritten notes or we can even print it out through our computer. But for me, the best way to do it is to just write. I used a calligraphy pen to write freely. I love how the letters look so spontaneous and free. 

Quite happy with  how the distressed background complements the colors of the papers I used. And a few pieces of sequins and dewdrops always give that little magic and give my layout a "finished" feeling.

All supplies used in this layout are available at Made With Love.

Bigshot Machine
Sizzix Thinlits "I Heart This" (659767)
ink - Mini Distress Ink set #7
stencil - Basic Grey/ Hero Arts Stencil 
papers - Webster's Pages 

Yogurt Sponge Cake

I have to stop thinking about iphone 6 plus.  My iphone still works perfectly. In fact I took all these photos with my iphone and I am blogging now, in my iphone. Yeah. I'm convincing myself I don't need it. 

Anyway, I baked this delicious cupcake yesterday and a lot of you are asking for the recipe. 

So here it is. Forgive me for I have no strength to type it here so thanks to my iphone... here's the recipe from my baking book:

I swear it's yummy. My husband loved me more after he ate it. Lol! 

I still want an iphone 6 plus. Heard that Dear Husband? hahaha! 

Teachers Day Gifts

It's Teachers Day this Friday and I am so proud of myself for making these gifts early. The boys will be participating in the process for I will have them to make handwritten notes to be included in these wallet's contents. 

This project is for my friends who think that scrapbooking and paper crafting is difficult, and it takes too much time, and it's stressful, and expensive. 

It's not. Not always :) Today let me show you how easy, fast, relaxing and cheap this hobby is :) 

When I bought my Bigshot machine, I have my kids school activities, birthdays and school projects in mind. With this cool tool, I can save time, money in making handmade gifts and party details while I enjoy at the same time. 

Just like today. I am making this "stress free" Sizzix project starting off with these supplies: Bigshot machineXL Wallet Die, Paper pad by Pebbles. Just these and about an hour to make my kids so happy to see me making something for their dear teachers!

Now the extremely easy steps. So easy I can just describe each step with a single word!


Fold (because all these will already be scored for you!) 


Fill with gifts and notes. 

I used brad + washi tapes.

Ready for delivery! :) 

Paper pad - Pebbles.