Good Things

It’s been my habit to jot down on my journal little and big things that I receive everyday… some are reasons to smile, others are reasons to cry… but all of them I believe, are good things… Today, I’m sharing with you a page in my journal … may God’s peace and love be with all of us!

This day, I thank my Lord for the good things …

- The giggle I let out when the little miracle moved inside my womb while I was reading Psalms

- the fresh scent of my laundry that dried under the sunshine (I don’t like fabric conditioners, as influenced by Mamang)

- the water and electricity bill arrived. and is smaller compared last month (it feels great to do a little sacrifice of cutting down aircon time. As they say, “live simply so that others may simply live” )

- an invitation to a birthday party J (Happy Birthday Xavier!!!)

- a text from a friend that says “thank you” for something I have sold to him because it has helped him achieve his goals .. simply the best!

- The thrill of life’s challenges, struggles, trials, problems, concerns… and the belief that all of these things--- whatever we might call them are just minor compared with the blessings that we will receive in the future … Because God, our Father, is a very rich God…He has tested us like gold in a furnace and will find us worthy to be with Him. If we just don’t give up….

Till next time! :)