I Did Something...

I 37073648462207ldid something lately. Something from which i learned, we can be kids again, anytime, all the time. Something i've been wanting to do but my shyness (char) keeps getting in the way hehehe ... Something that made me feel young again (it's great being with kids, teens, and yeah adults-who-think-young like me) ... I did something super worthwhile ...i JOINED A SCRAPBOOKING COMPETITION!!! (with a dear friend Chy, her sis sheila, and len2) yes... at last! and i am so blessed to make it to top 3!!! (adult category). my page and chy's got a special prize!!! :)clap clap clap! We went home with lots and lots of scrapbooking tools and goodies and some gift checks :) not bad. that's my first attempt :) i can't wait for next year! ... because God willing, i will get the grand prize (fingers crossed?) ... ciao!



the day i met Benjo

this is the day that God has made .

Ilc31_1 international leaders conference 2001. the day i first met my Benjo.

Hi there b-e-n-j-o :) thank you for choosing me. for making me your partner in building a triangle with God. thank you for being patient with me especially during my accute-pms days. for rubbing my back after a bad dream. for watching 13-going-on-30-kind of movies with me. for listening to my for-you-only-tsismis. for telling me i'm sexy despite knowing liars go to hell. thank you for giving me Uji. and for helping me in his poo times...i love you everyday. and to show it, you can go play badminton twice this week hehehe ...

Blog Addict

... i'm not sure if someone ever reads my blog lately ... no comments eh? ... hmmn i don't care ... i'll blog and blog anyway (wink!) :) i just wanna blog ... i'm a blog addict. i love to read blogs too... i read and read ( yeh! even if some blogs suck ... oopps sorry :))))) ... i love reading the blogs of my sister anne (http://www.friendster.com/15080090( i'm a fan!) and meow'sMommy4748 blog(http://www.friendster.com/careyline) about her dad touched me ... maybe someday i'll organize a Blog-Award Giving Body ....Am i making sense? hehehe i don't care ... i'm a blog addict.

birthday ko :)



gk.gawad kalinga dinner-for-a-cause.(birthday '06).with odick/chy,marlon/twinkle,baby and me.


PrEtTy MoMZ :)

BIG THANK YOU Dear Father for giving me this life. Thank you for my family and friends who are with me all these 32 years ... for the trials and triumphs... for the good deeds made and the shortcomings from which i have learned...thank you for allowing me to perform my roles..i am happy and ever so grateful being a daughter,sister,friend,wife and mom.. Uji21_1.

6 months now!



family park,cebu.

thank you for the hope of tomorrow.. thank you for being my BEST FRIEND 24/7... I pray today for more graces and love... that i may share towards my neighbors. everyday of my life.

Uji's Diary

UJI's diary...
Img_3958 I want to tell you something.
One day my grannies went to visit me one day, was very very happy because lolopapang and lolamamang went to london to visit the queen hehe i dont know how to say it one day we took these pictures.
Tul (tultul....Tika
I was soooo soooo speechless coz i was very happy to say anything. My lolopapang and lolamamang were with us forever for just a few days :( but they are with me in my heart forever. Maybe they will come visit us again soon. It depends. Maybe i'll tell God to tell them later in their dreams when they go to sleep on their bed.
Did you like our pictures? there were lots of it, but i gotta go now coz i'm quite busy ... just go visit my mom's photo album for more okey? by the way thanks you for reading Mommy's blog... she told me i think she's always happy to do friendster :) :) :)

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  • JOY is the echo of God's life within us...


Beach21 Beach6 Beach5


Uji6 *First swimming escapade of our little one :) ...Costabella, Cebu. With Tita Yangie and Tita Bing2 ... their treat of course hehe


"My God watches between me and thee when we are absent one from another."Uji11
My Daddy is away for a week :( i miss him already :(

Scrapping Moments (continued)

hi! as promised...here are some more pages from my latest scrapbook:

Scrapbook3_4 Scrapbook4_1 shower party!

Scrapbook5_2 behind the scenes.

Scrapbook7_1 liturgy details.

Scrapbook1_2 thank you cards :)

Scrapbook8_1 honeymoon!

Scrapbook9_1 will you marry me? :)

Scrapbook10_1 hair piece.

Scrapbook6_2 tagaytay moments :)

(thats all folks! im currently working on my son's first scrapbook ... and im looking for scrapping-crazy-mums like me! ... if you have anything to share,pls post a comment or just keep in touch...God Bless.)

Message from Baby Uji

Hi! Im going to be 4 months this 29th! :) Mommy and I just got back from a week-long vacation in Bacolod with lolopapang and lolamamang. I had fun with my 6 other cousins. i am the youngest. Was able to meet and greet my ninangs, titos,titas,lolos,lolas, and many many more! Thank you God for giving us a big family! Uji_mom1I pray that you will allow us to go back there soon ... by the way, Belated Happy Mother's Day Mommy and to all your Mother friends. Of course to my loving Lolamamang and Mommyla too..
our-after-breakfast-before-bath-look :) Family_pic5 Uji_with_cuzs2
this is how big my family (mom's side) is! look at me ... i was in a not-so-good mood in our family picture...and please meet my dear cousins! ...
here are some more pix taken during my very first flight: Airport1
Airport21.)nursing moment 2.) just before boarding 3.) just arrived Cebu! Happy mom's day! :)

Scrapping Moments

I find happiness in scrapping. I started this hobby back when i was in high school and now i have loads of them! Now that i'm a mom, I do this hobby when my little angel Uji is sound asleep and/or when my honeybeenj goes to his cave (out with the guys, badminton tourneys, or when he simply loves to oversleep sometimes ..grrr) Scrapbook2 showing u here a page from my latest, freshest project :)

OUR WEDDING SCRAPBOOK.(More to come when i get back from Bacolod)

Psstt!if you find passion in this kind of addiction, pls let me know!!!

Hey I'm Back!

...with my little angel Rujim Paul (who is now two months and 8 days old) ... and an extra 13 lbs! hehehe

See ya around.

What's Up?

What's up with everybody? i'd like to know ... coz i'd like you to know too :) that ...

  • right now, i weigh 155 lbs! hahaha ... but of course! i'm about to deliver my baby boy next month ... pls whisper a prayer for me and my baby ha? (for my friends who are mothers now, keep your tips coming please!!!)
  • i recently kept in touch with my highschool batchmates (La Consolacion College-Main) via e-group ... memories!
  • i have a new friend! an 11-yr old Korean Boy named Jhong Woo, who visits me in my house everyday for a 2-hour english tutorial session ... and i'm having so much fun with the sweet kid hehe (advertisement: need tutor? contact cell num 09198062417 ... moneyback guarantee ... 200/hour ... negosyo!!!)
  • today, i made ube jam (tried to imitate the famous one from Bohol )...and the process made me decide to buy from Bohol forever hehehe
  • i'm so in love with the man i met that 15th day of Feb 2002 in Dumaguete and i thank God everyday for the gift of his love...
  • that i miss you ... and i want you toHug keep in touch :) take care! mmmuah!