Uji's Diary

UJI's diary...
Img_3958 I want to tell you something.
One day my grannies went to visit me one day, was very very happy because lolopapang and lolamamang went to london to visit the queen hehe i dont know how to say it one day we took these pictures.
Tul (tultul....Tika
I was soooo soooo speechless coz i was very happy to say anything. My lolopapang and lolamamang were with us forever for just a few days :( but they are with me in my heart forever. Maybe they will come visit us again soon. It depends. Maybe i'll tell God to tell them later in their dreams when they go to sleep on their bed.
Did you like our pictures? there were lots of it, but i gotta go now coz i'm quite busy ... just go visit my mom's photo album for more okey? by the way thanks you for reading Mommy's blog... she told me i think she's always happy to do friendster :) :) :)

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Uji6 *First swimming escapade of our little one :) ...Costabella, Cebu. With Tita Yangie and Tita Bing2 ... their treat of course hehe