For my Baby Rujim Paul

Ate Ysabelle and Ate Frances busy with blue's clues activity sheets
while waiting for the other kids to come
Beb3 with Lolopapang,Tita Bing, Mom, Clown Peter,Mommyla,Lolamamang, Tita anne2 and cuz Abe
Blue's clues hat by Mom! :)
My Dearest Rujim Paul,
Your birthday was a celebration of so many things: It was for you to know we love you and we want all the best for you. We wanted the world to know we have a son who is not only cute and smart, but also very even tempered, funny and soooo lovable! It was also a chance to gather all our friends and neighbors who have been with us all these times, a thank-you and bonding party for all of them. It was one of the precious times that your grannies and titas come to be with us for a few days. It was also some sort of a launching of the thing i love to do best: doing crafts, and planning a party! (you see, im starting to make a career out of it ... a couple of kid's parties are booked as of today! yehey!) ... the chocolate fountain took center stage too! But above all, it was our way of thanking and praising God for your coming to our life and all the blessings that came with you.
When you are old enough to read this, i hope that you are already someone i pray to become. Someone who knows and loves God. Someone who is grateful, kind, full of wisdom. Someone who is happy, with me, Dad ... and your other siblings (God willing).
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