What P3k bucks can buy ...

What can we buy with three thousand pesos these days?
  • 12 weeks supply of Rujim's EnfaGrow (i still nurse him once in a while)
  • 2 sacks of rice
  • 6 bottles of victoria's secret cologne in RP; maybe 12 bottles in US
  • 1 pc lechon
  • 2 months worth of elecricity
  • 7 months worth of water
  • 6 months worth of subd fee
  • 20 movie tickets
  • 5 weeks worth of gas
  • 6 weeks of "carbon" shopping!
That depends on your lifestyle. Ours is simple so we can buy a lot with such amount. But why did i ask? because today, i received an unexpected blessing:

tadaa! ... a check amounting to P3,269.34!

There are some of us who may think this is just a small amount, yeah, but i still say: this gave mo so much joy! Got this as my REBATES for using quality home care products at a local company where i get 25% discount! --- and for telling a few friends about the good news --- so good that some of them even started doing the same thing!) ... Isn't it great? Would your favorite supermarket give you a discount that big all year round? and would your grocery store give you a check this much for a rebate?

And I'm not even working that hard yet. Got this in the midst of laxity. You see, I've been so busy with this world wide web duties =) hehe But what if i work double, triple time? I mean what if I share this to some more of my friends? (You perhaps?) Hmmnnn.

This is too far to be called a paycheck. This is just a rebate --- just a rebate i might really get serious with. Wanna bet? =)

joy at work

hi! If there was one day in my life that i smiled a lot, it was yesterday. Zeth Venrick's 1st birthday. It was a very hot summer Thursday and i was sweating all over the whole time. But i was enjoying every minute of it.

Zeth Venrick and Mom, Gina

details, details! give aways, name tags, choco thank-you-pops,hats,pabitin,ballons.

the planner and the sidekick: exhausted and glad

I went home fulfilled and happy ... because i earned a living, and played at the same time!

*/please visit my negosyo site and see more pix here

New Week.

New Week!

I'm always excited every Monday. A new week of blessings, moments with my son n Benjo, transactions, and triumphant battles ...with life's struggles and... with my belly? hehe. yes i consider it a battle. i badly want to lose this extra weight. and i think im on the right track (applause!) i now fit to my pre-pregnancy jeans ... yehey! but it's kinda uncomfy pa a bit ... maybe a week more of oatmeal mornings :) 130 lbs --- here i come!!


Spent Saturday morning in Carbon(as in 5:45 am) with Benjo and my 2 close friends Sweet and Maricor --my dearest neighbors, i thank God i found them. True friends at all times. Carbon is my shopping haven. Introduced by Mabel (thanks Yoy!) It's the best supermarket in the whole world .. just forget obout the stinks, sweat, and fear (of losing your wallet). I love it because i get to have a lot with my few pesosesoses!

Like this ukay2 LEVI'S pants for my 1 yr old...

ukay2 find: orig levi's @ P35

how about...

Carrots @ 28/kilo
cucumber @ 5/kilo
onions @ 18/kilo
lacatan banana @ 20/kilo
lettuce @ 30/kilo

The experience makes me forget about robinsons and savemore .
After dropping by at La Fortuna beside Magellan's Cross, where we bought some more cheap thrills (pork hopia @ 18 and wheat bread @ 35 -- this costs 45 to 60 in the mall's bakeshop) we went home with so big "ngisi" hehehe. As they say, joy need not be expensive. Can't wait for next time!

Bye now, it's bath time with my little levi's model. Have a great week to all ... mwah!

Affordable Kids' Parties, Anyone?

Just closed a deal!! Yehey!!!
Will coordinate ZethVenrick's Party this coming April 19.
Happiness. Happiness. Happiness!
I just love planning parties ...

*like Rujim's 1st "BLUE'S CLUES" bday shown here ... taken from the pages of his scrapbook.

with party hats
unique toy bouquet give-aways

name tags

play area
chocolate lollipops

party host/clown
and lots of FUN!

"THOUGHTFUL CRAFTS: priceless experience ... at a lesser price!"

for inquiries, please contact Bebang
@ home: (032)5642535
mobile: 09285018240

note: pictures of Zeth's party will be posted in the days to come :)

thank you God for a BAD day!

i rejoice for GOOD THINGS... but today, let me thank the Lord for this BAD day. i was misunderstood by a friend (my advice: never explain through text, things always get mixed up). tried reaching out for anybody to talk to but couldn't find one :( best friends landlines are busy... sisters' got concerns - i didn't want to bother them some more with this petty bad day blues. mother - the one i can always call for things llike this - seems to have forgotten she has a cellphone to answer....

why thank this day? because today i was reminded: my husband is a FRIEND i can count on too. why did i think of him last? he was friend enough to listen to me despite urgent deadlines he need to meet today. he was friend enough to make me feel -- it was not my fault, despite the truth that i was partly to blame..

i thank this day...for i know, there's one Friend up there who will always be available for me. who loves me and will never misinterpret my texts (in fact, no texting is needed). He will always be with me.

i thank this day, for i remember -- GOD is enough. He should be the one i will always please. He's the one i will love the most .. everyday.