new product: hanging picture frame

My Kumare Chic2 ordered me to make a frame for her friend's baby, Giliah... i hope she will be satisfied with what i came up with =) a HANGING PICTURE FRAME! ideal as a gift for someone so cute and special!

updates .. updates!

whew! it's been ages since i updated. i've been busiest lately.. some life changing changes here and there.. you'll know in time *wink* here ... allow the photos to tell you how life has been since Christmas to present... i miss you blogmates! will visit your home soon, PROMISE! :)

Christmas eve with my hubby's family. Cebu.

New Year's Eve with my family. Bacolod.

New Year's Day. My father and his bro bonded. One of my most happy moments :)

Bonding with friends.

Bonding with siblings. Robinsons Bacolod.

Treating the kids at Kid's Court, SM Bacolod.

Sunday with family. Palmas del Mar, Bacolod.

Sinulog. Cebu.