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Monday, March 31, 2008

Luke 1:26-38


The Annunciation of the Lord

"Nothing will be impossible for God." (Luke 1:37)

We all have issues in our lives that we assume are utterly impossible. The coworker who has to have his way. The money needed to meet financial obligations. The parent who drinks too much. The spouse whose temper erupts uncontrollably. Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Addictions.

Well, today is our day to exult. It’s our day to celebrate the God who can do all things—including and especially the impossible!

In a show of false humility, King Ahaz declared: “I will not ask! I will not tempt the Lord!” (Isaiah 7:12). May we not repeat his folly! We are children of the God of the impossible. We can face what we can’t imagine, undaunted by contradictions of need and possibility, because Almighty God is on our side! Consider the exchange between Mary and Gabriel in today’s Gospel. She was shaken by his announcement, but the remedy was: “Do not be afraid” (Luke 1:29-30). Don’t let fear make you give up hope. Instead, remember the astounding power of the One who created you, the One who loves you.

Talk to God frankly, as Mary did. It’s okay to tell him your fears and concerns. It’s okay to admit doubts and confusion. Let him relieve your anxieties about the impossible. Give him the chance to dispel any unbelief in his power—and his desire—to take care of you. Make time for him to give you wisdom and understanding for the difficult situations. You just may be surprised by what happens!

Then, like Mary, humbly place yourself at God’s disposal. Do it especially when you have nothing available for the situation. Give God room to be God, the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving Father of—you! St. Leo the Great once wrote: “Majesty humbled itself, power became weak, and eternity mortal.” A man, Jesus, died because he was a man, but was free of death because he is God. The incomprehensible became comprehended; the eternal became finite; the Lord of the universe became servant to all creation. If God could manage that, he can handle the stuff in our lives!

“Father, you know me. I want to know you, for whom nothing is impossible. Help me today to believe in your desire and ability to do good in all the situations I believe are impossible.”

Isaiah 7:10-14; 8:10; Psalm 40:7-11; Hebrews 10:4-10


Allow me to tell you...
( got this from his friendster, testimonial ko sa iya, updated it a bit hehe..)

First met him in Dumaguete, February 15,2002. It was an International Leaders' Conference (an event I didn't want to miss every year since I became a member of Singles for Christ) He was wearing a black Nike jersey, denim shorts, and a tubao on his head. By that time, I was praying for a GG (God's Gift --- term we use that means UYAB! Hehe). He ignored me, and I ignored him ( though honestly, I stole a few glances hehe) ... so, ako po ay umuwi ng luhaan ... I thought I'd never get to have my GG yet...but when I got home to Bacolod , right before bedtime, HE TXTD ME!

... and we never stopped texting (every single day) up to now! ...

... BENJO MORDENO RULONA... My first ever boyfriend who is now my husband :) Loving, understanding, most-of-the-time-quiet-but-funny (!) responsible, so handsome (especially after shower hmmmn yummy hihihi) and soooo soo so loving to me and to our little Baby angel Rujim Paul ... He has the most beautiful feet (and I mean, more beautiful than mine huhu) the broadest shoulders (which happens to be my pillow!) ... the heartiest laugh bwahahaha!...

We now live in our humble house in Liloan Cebu, and we are happy with life's simple pleasures ... groceries, budgeting, selling handpainted tela, friendster, movie dates, eating at cheap restaus (and sometimes at classy ones too), scrapbooking (I do the scrapping, he does the watching), hanging out with our truest friends, and taking care of our son are some of the many things we love to do together ...

update: today we are not together for he is abroad preparing the way for us, his family, who will eventually join him there. we will be together again 2 weeks from now, in time for my giving birth to our second son! im so excited :)

We also have our ups and downs ... but the 3rd person in our LOVE TRIANGLE is always in charge of it... so down times never get to last...they just pass.
Baby,I love you! I thank you for being God's best gift to me. Your love makes me a better person. You remind me how big His love is for me. I am happy and fulfilled living a simple life with you and our little family. Let us go on with our journey ... the best is yet to be!

Happy 6th Baby! I love you.

cheap fun :)

Maricor, Salyn and I, didn't plan it. We just said: "Let's go to the beach!"

So off we went. To the nearby beach. Sea Front. A very cheap but "ok" place for our kids to have fun, and for the moms to have some chitchat...

cottage ---------------------------------P100.00
entrance ------------------------------- FREE
Titay's rosquillos for some munch------- 37.00
soft drinks ----------------------------- 25.00
seeing my son laugh, run, splash,
point and identify the things
he sees such as the boat, plane,

We went to the beach! and our kids loved it!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Acts 3:11-26


“God has a plan.” How often have you heard these words, or even spoken them yourself, when you have had to confront tough issues? Maybe it’s a serious illness, or a business deal falls through. Perhaps a neighbor’s child has a substance abuse problem, or a relative unexpectedly loses her job. When we don’t understand why good people suffer, or when the mystery of living in a fallen world just doesn’t make sense, we fall back on the truth that God is in control. But sometimes even this truth can ring hollow. We may find some help by looking at Peter’s sermon in today’s first reading. Peter didn’t gloss over the deep pain and disappointment the disciples felt at Jesus’ unjust death. But he did point out that even though members of his own people handed Jesus over, God used Jesus’ pain—and the injustice of his situation—to bring about a far greater good. Peter said that this was how God “brought to fulfillment what he had announced beforehand”—the healing, restoration, and refreshment of his people. In the midst of such suffering, it was next to impossible to believe that a greater blessing could come; but come it did!

Sometimes, we just need to keep walking through the events or circumstances that cause us pain. The truth that God has a plan can offer little comfort at the time, but faith can supply what experience lacks. Sometimes we simply have to wait patiently to see how that plan will unfold, knowing that somehow God will win and we will be comforted. By making the small, daily choices to stay close to God in prayer, our perspective will begin to change. So instead of just asking “why?” ask, “What do you have in store?” Then see what happens.

Maybe that afflicted neighbor needs a friend to walk beside him through his trial. Maybe the jobless relative would benefit from a note of encouragement and assurance of your prayers. Who knows? Maybe you will be lifted up as you take time with the Scriptures to see how God has walked with his people and brought them through their suffering to blessings and peace!

“Lord, you are Almighty God. I know I can trust you, wherever life takes me. Help me to stay close to you and receive assurances from the Holy Spirit that you are indeed in control!”

Psalm 8:2,5-9; Luke 24:35-48

Rujim's Special Choco Bread

For my preschooler, i baked a special choco bread using rice flour instead of ordinary flour. Mommy's best (practice lang anay) for the world's best pochochoy :) he loves it!

a few more scenes

taken from p. 102 of Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment:

" In (this) world you will have
tribulation" Jesus promises, "but be
of good cheer, i have overcome the world."
JOHN 16:33

God has kept no secrets. He has told us that, while on this yellow brick road (of life), we will experience trouble. Disease will afflict bodies. Divorce will break hearts. Death will make widows and devastation will destroy countries. We should not expect any less. But just because the devil shows up and cackles, we needn't panic.
Our master speaks of an accomplished deed... "It is finished" (JOhn 19:30). The battle is over. Be alert. But don't be alarmed... The manuscript has been published. The book has been bound. Satan is loosed for a season, but the season is oh-so-brief... Just a few more scenes, just a few more turns in the road, and his end will come.

Happy Easter! Embutido Special :)

I've been in a 'cooking' mood lately :) and what better way to celebrate EASTER than by learning a new recipe! Thanks to my friend Maricor for coaching me make this menu...

Meatless Black Saturday

It's Black Saturday. And the fridge is almost empty. So I made use of what's left : carrots and corn (leftover ing. of my shepherd's pie menu last Thursday) egg, cucumber, onions and garlic, some raisins (tungod sa ka diutay wala na nakita sa pic haha) .. a little salt, soy sauce and a leftover chicken cube... here's my anything-goes fried rice!

shepherd's pie on a Maundy Thursday

FORMULA: ground meat, corn, green peas, carrots & tomato sauce

+ mashed potato with butter

= shepherd's pie!

Baby Miguel! cnt wait to see you anak :)

Had my bi-weekly check-up today. I was able to take a look at our youngest. Good thing i had my digicam and Doc Mae was kind enough to allow me to take a snapshot of my baby on the ultrasound monitor. Here's Baby Miguel @ at 8 months AOG :)

backlog: Rujim's 2nd Birthday!

January 29, 2008. It was the day our Rujim Paul turned two! But due to some of life's hullabaloos, I wasn't able to post about it. Well here it is now. We opted for an exclusive family overnight at Cebu White Sands. And we're glad we did! How about the birthday boy? You bet he did. All our attention was centered on him the whole time. Hope these photos (and my hubby's art photos) will somehow share our fun that very significant day...

day one

good morning birthday boy! it's gonna be a great day!

lunch @ jollibee while picking up the cake at red ribbon, foodah
just arrived @ whitesands!

so excited! to eat the cake!!!
Rujim likes cars so much
that we chose this special fondant cake for him:

it turned out to be a good decision..
see our boy enjoying the edible cars! :)

and enjoying some more with Lolo!
afterwhich, it was time to look around the resort and just enjoy
the beauty of nature :)

night time na...

it's super quality time.
strictly no tv, no laptops, no cellphones allowed :) in room 101

while the grannies are having the time of their life in room 102...

day two



more swimming!

yodi2 @ the jacuzzi

lifeguard ..

checkout time na? dalia gud!

going to mactan won't be complete without dropping by at SUTUKIL...

Happy Birthday Baby Kuya!
Dad and I thank the Lord that he gave us this role of being your parents.. for the past 2 years you have taught us many things. so many wonderful things. the most important of all is we learned to trust and obey Him more. And life is never this beautiful and meaningful without that close connection with the Lord. and you made it possible! :) We pray the same prayer we had on your 1st birthday, that you grow up knowing and loving Him. Love you Kuya! :)