bye bye stress! :)

Life has been a little rough lately. Our Daddy is away again. So many things to be done, so little time. The little Miggy is kinda demanding as he wants to be cuddled all the time! Kilala mo si sakit likod? hehe Kuya Uji also needs my time... and there are bouts of power struggles. Especially because he can't speak clearly yet (We are into therapy .. and i thinks that's another blog story... maybe soon, promise). But...

Life isn't that cloudy. Far from it. I see to it that I take every much-deserved breaks by blogging and spending time with my honey banana via YM... by playing with Kuya at least 30 mins in his playroom... by having caramelo every chance I get... and yes.. by looking at big and small things that God gives us everyday. Things that are beautiful.. there are many of them around. such as these super cute stuff my Baby Miguel wears these days. Can you believe there's a FILA socks for a newborn? LOL. the cuteness makes me smile :) bye bye stress!

hey, got to go... breaktime over! :)

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happee bortdee bourgseweet! ay lab yu mwah! :)

to the "nanay dit2" of our family. my sistah, dear who is always there when you need her. ALWAYS. here's wishing you a blissful life ahead with 2belnok :) hehe HAppy Birthday!

i need a massage!!!!

Miguel turns one month today! With so many things that are taking place in our family, it has been the most stressful month of my life, mind you. But i choose to CELEBRATE. God is good and He manifests His love in so many ways. He makes things happen in His time.

I'm typing one hand as i breastfeed Migs ... so i guess that excuses me for this short post. Bye! :)

Baby Miguel's first check-up

Baby Migs feeling so secure in Mom's
wear-your-baby sarong bought by daddy.

actually .....
nalipatan mag document inside Tita Doc's clinic during the well baby check-up
so pose nalang before entering Casa Verde for family lunch...

i love going back to this place over and over again because of it's cozy and peaceful ambiance... this is also where we celebrated Kuya Uji's baptism ...

while waiting for our lunch, i tried to click my camera :) here's what i got:

nice no :)


espeho ... labing2 anay hehe

mader txybum.. pader bira2 tutdlo sa apo ..

baby migs, kalma lang sa higad :)

at last ang baby back ribs!


after! hahaha!

ini ba naman ang nag banat sadto! :)

heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee :)
asta lang dira anay post ko .. soooo beeezeeegid :)

kay amo na sini ang akon kahimtangan sa subong :) :) :)