thank you Hannah!

... for your thoughtfulness. it surely made me smile and feel God's love :) thank you thank you thank you! I super love everything, most especially the baby clothes and the slip ons! :)
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garage sale

Recently I held a garage sale in front of our house! Mother was in the hospital that day (couldn't cancel the sale, it was already announced) and so I did the impossible: selling my stuff while caring for my two boys. Imagine! With that, I wasn't able to take photos of the before and during ... luckily, I remembered to take the after. Here's what's left of my stuff, you might wanna buy LOL :)

a few bags which Im thinking to use again na lang hahaha

magazines. I hate saying goodbye to these. collection. but i have to.
alangan naman dal un ko pa ni . heler..

blouses. this goes to my relatives in Iloilo :)

bike: not for sale.

this goes to ABS-CBN

garage sale organizer assistant :)

garage sale endorser :)

that's ol tenk yu!

Great Morning (bira2 post mentras tulog ang duha) ...

Woke up to a very bad, weird, funny dream or shall I say, nightmare? Nangasawa kuno si Benjo lain. Funny kay I was one of the guests... Duh... Grrr... Init ulo ko ah .. Tawag ko Singapore hehehe kulbaan man bana ko ano emergency 5am eh heehehe ... Salamat sa damgo ko, naka labing2 kami ni mister over the phone LOL.

After that, while the two boys still sleeping, I prepared their clothes, and all the things we needed to bring downstairs for the day. But I got hungry... So I asked Mae (cousin who helps me in the house) to bring me some food in the bedroom as I couldn't leave the two boys.... Baw kibot ko naka arrange ang plate! Haha. Pakta sin-o nag prepare.... Si PAPANG! Touch ko eh.. hehe ti hibi na ko? huhuu...

wordless wednesday

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random thoughts ...

  • Been so busy. I miss blogging but i can't find time... thus.. anything goes in this post hehe... i just miss posting.
  • I am holding a garage sale this weekend. Need to clear the house for our transfer. You'll know about it soon :)
  • I am so happy that Rujiim is starting to ask and express his needs these days. Like... he lets us know when he is sleepy by saying "das" ... (dance) meaning, he wants to be danced to sleep. thanks to the rocking chair idea by Mamang and Papang... we "dance" rujim to sleep on a rocking chair :)
  • Miguel gives us so much joy everyday.. he holds eye contact longer.. and smiles everynow and then .. so cute!
  • I am thinking of a "new" business... still at a conception stage. Still praying about it. Meanwhile, I'm happy and grateful for the mini-business partnership with my friend Tatskie ... so inspired to do more! hehe
  • I miss my husband :(
  • I need to go now... My friend Sweet will be fetching us. We will go to Ayala to do grocery and have bonding.. with Rujim and Migs :)
  • Got so much to tell ... maybe next time!

5th year since we said "I do"

It's our 5th year wedding anniversary. And it's the first time we are not together. I miss hubs so much, and I wish him here. I got a text at 12 midnight, and I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of white roses. Feeling gwapa ko eh! I feel so loved. Thank you Baby. My gift to you are the two handsome kiddos :)

I could ask for nothing more. I just pray for continued grace and wisdom for us to be faithful to Him and to our love triangle. To radiate love to our kids, family and to everyone we come across with everyday of our life. To be obedient and trusting to His will knowing it is always for our best. To be humble everyday despite life's blessings. To be joyful sufferers if there are times we needed to walk the narrow path. To just let go and let God, and be so happy about it.

Thank you Lord for being with us in our walk, these past five years, and the many years ahead!