tres marias bonding pages

milk tea bonding at Sweet's house

coffee bonding at Volere

things that made me smile today...

  • Jesus my best friend reminded me that He is my treasure. nothing else.
  • rujim took out his ABC flashcards while watching ABC videos :)
  • although he doesn't like to eat his usual food (a molar is on its way) he smiled when i gave him oatmeal cookies and he said "cookie"
  • miguel is smiling ang cooing all the time! it's so addicting!
  • im enjoying my online shop please visit and leave a comment. you'll get the chance to get a gift =) hehehe
  • i lost 2 lbs.
  • im chatting with my labidods.
  • scrapping
  • scrapping
  • and more scrapping!
  • i will stop now and do some scrapping. bye!



Hello! some snapshots before these go to file photos :)


catching up w/ chic and charlou @ jerry's grill

nic treated us @ cafe laguna :)

last minute date @ cafe de france just before the flight back to Sg.

showbiz burtitoy

wonderboy-potty-trained-na pochochoy :)


"The person who trusts the Lord will be blessed. - Jeremiah 17:7"

made-to-order frame... thanks Ate Ludy! :)

family getaway at shangri-la =)

So many happenings around here... so many things to blog about... but every time I start to type I forget what to say hahaha... So before I talk nonsense, let me brag nalang about our latest family vacation! Thank You Lord for making it possible =)

more photos HERE =)

Yeheeey! =)

Daddy is here!!! This is the welcome page I made for him =)

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my fab days =)

Hubby is already in Singapore airport. I can't wait! So excited! This is the longest time ever we were apart since we met. The longest two months ever. And I'm sure he is more excited than I am because of his two boys! So, to make myself busy (and divert my excitement) I made three pages of my "younger years" hehehe =) you might not be able to recognize me....

smile pa-cute! =)

While Miguel is sound asleep after our breastfeeding moment (yes, he's 100% breastfed now, yay!) & Rujim is downstairs singing with the Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers ... (He sings "wa bepeee!" which means , "I want to break free!" ) I got busy making a page that reminds me how talented he is! My little kuya wonder boy :)

The photos were taken during his Tita Yang's birthday at Marco Polo when he was a little over a year old... This page is the last page of Rujim's first scrapbook :)

aunts bing & yang ... wen wil i see u agen - uji :)

how sweet it is to be loved by You...

That's what I want to tell God these days.
Feel so loved by Him.
It does not mean my life is perfect.
Very far from it.
Those who are close to my circle know what I mean.
They know what we are going through.
But It's not the right time to go public about it, yet.
(feeling ko celebrity ko saying it hehehe)
There are still gray areas.
But what's certain is.
As of now...
I have an amazing...
never boring...
and so-close-to-God life.
So, I am here.
Feeling His sweet love everyday.
And it's all that matters.
Right? :)

true friends... who are they?

I have defined friendship in a not-so-good mood before in this blog. Let me update you about it. That friend I was referring to and I are in good terms again. I thank God for making a way! But this post Isn't about that.

This is about my definition of friendship in a good mood :)

I have many friends. Many. I tell you. But Some never last. Only a handful remain. Only very few are true. And what do I exactly mean by "true few"... they are the ones who...
  • go to my house without setting appointment and I don't mind about it and vice versa.
  • know my deepest secrets and I know theirs.
  • know how bitch I can become but still love me anyway.
  • are happy in my victories and cry with me in my defeats.
  • call my parents Mamang and Papang, or at least know them even a bit :)
  • know the names of my siblings and become their friends too.
  • Uji feels comfortable with :)
  • tell me if I'm wrong and never takes it seriously when I am upset about it.
  • visit my blog and friendster page and leave comments (para ni sa imo Milet)!
  • remember my birthday and send me gift. bwahahah joke only :)

If you think you are the one I'm describing then, swerte ka hehehe love na love ta ka bisan kis a indi lang bal anun hehe :) It is my prayer to be a good and loving friend too. So hang in there. You got a friend here. Just let me know If you need me. Text lang :)

God loves me enough to bless me with few true friends. Among them are these two wacky kikays I spent one evening with having some milk tea and junk food... I love them because with them, I get to laugh loud as in BWAHAHA. We compliment each other. Wala palabwanay. We talk about funny stuff, sexy stuff, serious stuff. We hate tsismis. We love Ukay2. Basta. Sadya. Please meet my neighbor moms, Sweet and Cor!

these glasses stand for: Bebang, Maricor, Sweet

gina straw ang milk nga nabilin bwahaha

ang mga ulay nyahaha :)

this is how i look when i'm with a friend. ang thaya2! :)
Ikaw? friend ta man ka? sabat ... hehe

Dad's love, God's love!

I want everything that's best for you.
- Dad.

I know what's best for you.
- God.

Scrapping Update

This day didn't start so well. I got pissed by someone (2 actually) so dear to me. Not my hubby. Not my kids. Not my siblings... sin o bi? pakta bi? hehehe I just thank God my siblings are just a text away and I got comforting replies. Some are even funny ones. The youngest, Che even made comments to almost all my friendster photos. Her gesture made me smile :)

So I'm halfway through this day, And I am feeling so fine. The two boys are asleep, while Mae is doing house chores. Hmmmn. Lovely day.

This mood makes me do just one thing... SCRAPBOOKING! yehey!

Please allow me to show off my newly rearranged scrapping area, some of my stuff, and 2 latest pages I did :) This brings back grade school memories. That time when me and my classmates would collect stationeries and "show off" the collection haha :) The negosyante side of me would even sell some!LOL :)

my corner. take note of the crib.
para mabantayan anak while ga banat ubra hehe

this and that of scrapbooking

my newest tool: stencils

finishing up Rujim's scrapbook before start I with Miguel's.

That's all I got:)