Thrifty Thursday: Baby Food

Thanks to google and bloghopping I saw this idea for my Miguel. So here, for Thrifty Thursday, I'm sharing with you my own version. Thanks Papercakes! :)

  1. peel
  2. slice
  3. steam
  4. blend (add water and a little salt)
  5. freeze (in ice cube tray)
  6. store in Ziploc bag (or pede man bisan ano plastic ah!)
  7. thaw (4 to 5 cubes/meal)
  8. serve!

satisfied consumer :) hehehe

ap botdi lolamamang

bday frame for Baby Mic2

Life goes on...

So glad to be back. And what made me think a friend I was talking about is back on her feet? WE PLAYED IN YOVILLE! :) She visited my house (In Yoville!) and we did some chit chat while I was feeding Migs and Uji hehehe.

Thank You Lord for the strength you gave Meow and Carey. For the grace to OBEY even if its painful. For the privilige to carry the CROSS. For the PEACE and SERENITY that follow after trusting and just letting go. For the JOY of looking forward to that 'something GREATER' You have prepared in exchange for taking the 'great' that we have.

And for me, I thank you for Yoville! It's really addicting. Time wasting? I also thought so but its worth it. I get to party, work, play, or just have coffee with my siblings and friends(daw tuod2 gid mo!), date with my bf (guess who haha), get to wear two piece!!! shetes! (harakhak), shop til I drop in the furniture store, fashion store, appliance depot, decorate my house, stalk other people's houses without them knowing it hehehe. Lastly and most importantly, I get to train myself on 'saving' for what I dream of. Wait for the launching of my scrapbooking shop (In yoville! hahaha) ... and maybe someday soon, in real life. Who knows? God knows! :)

my yoville character :) daw ako gid no? ahihi

my kitchen

my room.
look at the playroom am starting to build :)

living room .... check the laftaf lol!


I offer my blog silence for a while... for a friend who is facing a painful challenge. God is embracing her right now. I believe God is with us. All the time, He is good.

Thankful Tuesday!

My first Thankful Tuesday post!

At this moment, I am thankful for:

  • Blogging. I just cannot imagine life without it. It gives me my much needed me-time in between the things I juggle at home, esp now that I have no house help. Stress just fly away every time I start to blog .... (and sometimes brag? hehehe pasugti nalang ah). Thank You Lord for the freedoom of blogging :)
  • Knowing my parents are enjoying their prime time learning ballroom dance. Waltz. I want that too. When my time comes. Thank You Lord for my parents happy days.
  • My sister became one of the lead singer! for CFC-Bacolod worship. Huge guys. Kurog gani plete sa jeep patunga pa sa stage for worship! Unimaginable!!! Thank You Lord for making it possible :)
  • Hubby got eye allergy. Huh? why thank for an allergy? Coz He is at home with us now nyahaha :) ok lang ang allergy ah not big enough to worry about.
  • Kuya is 100% potty trained and it makes me just so proud of him. Thank You Lord for Kuya's little but sure steps.
  • Thank You Lord for the air, the water, the roof on our heads.
  • The challenges. That bring us close to You.
  • Our family and friends.
  • Love.
  • And I am all the time grateful for these three lovable guys...

We can actually post a million things we are thankful for every day. God who is a very loving and generous God gives us everything ... more than we could ever deserve. But I think Tuesday is good enough just for blogging :) So can still have the Wordless Wed. Thrifty Thurs. Freaky Friday? hahaha :) More Thankfulness next week!

for a change ...


Sometimes I'm wondering, some of you might already be tired of seeing our 'faces' in this blog. Well this is my blog. You can do nothing about it. Ahahaha! Peace!

Really. I'm serious. So in this post you won't see of our faces ... promise.

Here goes my post ... A QUIZ! (Whoever gets the top score will get Christmas Scrapbooking Kit. I'll post the prizes when I announce the top scorer! Benjo isn't allowed to join the contest. lol)

Test I - MATCHING TYPE. Who used the following bowls:


____a.) Benjo
____b.) Bebang
____c.) Uji
____d.) Migs
____e.)nobody. display lang.
bowl # 1

bowl # 2

bowl # 3
bowl # 4

Test II - Who took this 'bokeh' shot:

a.) Benjo
b.) Bebang

Test III - What do you want as a gift for Christmas ... JOKE!!! asta lang TEST II ... lol :)


thank you Ninang Cathy and Ninong Noi2 for the Elepante heheh :)

We Survived!

Yaya-less for 2 months!!! Cheers!!! I'm so proud of me and hubby hehehe :)

To celebrate our two months of ala-survivor life... I'm sharing one of our "FUN-ny dinner" one time...

Here's the story: I was grabbing a pre-bedtime drink from the fridge when I saw a leftover box of Mcchicken wings. My appetite soared and I grabbed it too, opened the rice cooker and before I knew it, I was eating with my bare hands... when suddenly, Hubby caught me in the act...


He joined me!!! ahahaha! We were both laughing and having so much fun ... we remembered...

WALA KAMI GALI KAPANYAPON!!!! imagine??? Shetes! lol!

But It was one moment I'd never trade for anything. That's why I took a snapshot of it during the last part. I hope our kids and grandkids will see this one day and know that at this time of our life, we take care of them with much selfless love to the point of almost forgetting dinner. Ahaha!

The End. :)

My Prayer: Thank You Lord for being with us these past two months. For sending Angels to help me all the time. But most of all during the times when I'm alone with the kids when hub is at work. Thank You for the privilege of being the one to take care of my two boys. Thank You for the lessons I learned. Thank You for the weight I lost :) Thank You for the deeper love hubby and I have with each other at this time. Thank You for the recipes I learned. Thank You for the friends and family you sent to help us and cheer for us during this time of survival... and lastly, thank You in advance for Tita Mimi who is coming to help us soon. I pray You make it soonest Lord :) Amen!

meet my new friend!

Thank you for making me smile :)
and for showing me the things I didn't see before! lol
Can't wait to see you again! hehehe :)

Thanks Cathy and Maggie for introducing Art Friend to me :)