Am I? or is it just my acute pms. But I really do miss our little home in Eastland. I wonder how it looks like now without me taking care of it :( I miss my friends. Esp my best friends. Friends who would love to be with me no matter what. I miss my family. Esp my nephews and nieces. I miss the food. The very affordable food. I miss the Ukay2. I miss so many things. Part of me just wants to go. But I know it's not just feasible. Walang iwanan. Bisan diin dapat updanay.

I just have to deal with it. More homesick moments to come. and go. I just have to remind myself of the good things. The little things to thank for today: strolling with Migs and hearing him say car, bes (bus),mama, nice comments from friends, chat with sisters (all 3 of them),and text for my brother(wala pa reply), chat with my hubby(the best gift ever.ambot ma ano ko kun wala sya, inta haw), putting my bugoys to sleep, facebook, coffee, tinola ni nang didang, "crash my kitchen tv show" i watch now while blogging, my new nail polish (inta pa gd) which reminds me,ma pedicure ko anay.

the fruit of my labor, ginansya sa mga negosyo hehe

our doorway

papang did this. nice no?

papang and mamang's project

sarisa or mansanitas

:( super miss this

and this :( lau ra kau sa amo CR karon ambot.

and this. 1 million memories

syempre this. esp the hi chair. haaay.

miguel's first dip

When we were invited by Kuya Ed (a singaporean friend we met in Neo Cat who loves Filipinos and the Philippines, instant bespren ni Papang) to Chevron's where he is a member, I grabbed the chance to let Miguel dip in the pool, HIS VERY FIRST! He super loved it! And Kuya met new friends who let him share the turtle... He kept on saying TURTLE! TURTLE! TURTLE! and did hi-five to one kid =) The place is super cool and so kid-friendly. It even has a KIdz Corner where Kuya and Baby Migs played while we sang our heart out at the Videoke lounge. For dinner, We all shared the chicken pork adobo (request ni Kuya Ed) and lastly, my most favorite... the massaging chair! kalami ba uy! thank u so much Kuya Ed! Sorry we couldn't stay longer kay sleepy na ang bugoys and work pa the following day :) sa uulitin!

more photos HERE :)

crescent park

the very first movie i made hehehe. practice2.

this pose...

is not original. we did it already 6 years ago in Bacolod after we made our vows =)

show offs! =)