some days are better than others...

So today hubby is sick. Migs just was the most demanding baby. I think he's kind of wanting to already be the "terrible two". Thank God he's napping now, gives me time to share my rants. Thank God Kuya is the same sweet sweet guy who today gave me one big surprise. He just went towards me, looked at me in the eye, kissed me on the lips, looked at me again, and walked away. Another "more than words" moment.

But I just feel so grouchy. I'm having these negative thoughts. I feel homesick. I just feel giving up on something. So tiring. Now don't tell me things like quitter never wins... blah blah blah. That's just the last thing I want to hear. I just feel so tired of trying to be a Christian who should love his enemy... or maybe...

It's just pms. I hate this part of every month.

as promised...

... here are the very few snapshots of my very happy birthday! :)

my bday meringue! i baked this for the first time
using the 3rd gift hehehe

last minute picture taking upon realizing
wala kami ya picture nga duha

opening my 2nd gift :)

going to church for the Celebration of the Word

thank you Lord!


my boys' hugs and kisses.
miguel's dancing to the tune of happy birthday.
kuya's saying "abpotdi uyu"
hubby at home. no work!
my 3 gifts!!!
my parents loving greetings (happy2 gd ko)
my father's blog about me hehehe
talking to parents. all 3 of them.
facebook and friendster greetings
i made meringue! first time!
BB and the bugoys loved the tuna carbonara
Celebration of the Word

I had a blast! It was I think the simplest birthday I had but it's one of my happiest. I had no party but it was one of my busiest --- pang reply sa mga messages. I'm far away from home but thanks to facebook, I felt close to my family =) I am a forever-taking-picture kind of person but it's so ironic I missed documenting the day like I used too. I just savored every moment of my special day without fuss. And I love it! I thank the Lord first of all for my life. For making it beautiful and at the same time challenging. My life is never perfect. But I praise God for making me a happy person. A very impatient person many a times but generally cheerful and happy. I thank God for the grace, the gift of faith. Second of all I thank my parents for rearing me to be the kind of person I am. Imperfect, but secured. Third of all I thank my hubby, for being there all the time, assuring me of his love. And being lovable too =)I thank him for the 3 gifts =) hehehe... I thank Rujim and Miguel for the hugs kisses, the cuteness, the amazing things they do everyday that make me speechless. I thank my siblings, my in-laws, my closest friends for making me feel special. Thanks to facebook and friendster for being the venue of my "cyber party" ... all the greetings reminded me again of some strengths I may have forgotten. Amo ni gali siguro ang purpose sang birthday no. To "refresh" or "reload" kun sa computer pa hehehe. I feel so loved. Ready to love. May God always guide and inspire me. Thank you so much Lord!!!

Promise, I'll post the very little photos on my next post =)

wordless Wednesday: friendship

"life has taught us that love *& FRIENDSHIP* does not consist of gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction."

me time :)

I love wednesdays. Hubby comes home very late (to have photoshoots with his flickr buddies). It's not that I don't want hubby to be home early. hehehe don't get me wrong. I love Wednesdays because it's our hobby day. So at this time of every week. The kids, are having their video marathon inside the bedroom with their Tita Mae, while I'm here outside in my work area, listening to my favorite playlist, doing some me-time activities. May it be blogging like what I do now, fb-ing, or scrapping!

I feel very peaceful and happy now. Im very proud of myself. Today is one of the most productive days of my life. I feel like a winner! I ticked quite a number of items in my daily planner. It just feels great. I give all the glory to God for giving me the grace to the things I did today. I pray for continued empowerment Lord! Thank you for your everlasting love!

I have to go finish the layout I have in mind, before hubby arrives, and before my boys get tired of barney :) ciao!

Ipagpapatuloy ko!

Prayerfully witnessing President Cory's interment via tfc. Her life is truly an inspiration. I greatly admire her for being a great leader, but most of all I honor her for being a great wife and mom. May her legacy remain in our hearts always