i decided for a lovely monday

And I think I got it.

hub's sandwich and lunch box
belly dance
usual routine with boys...
problems... challenges... mother is sick in the Philippines... etc...
irritated with FB's annoying home wall changes...
decided not to FB. instead I replied to my personal emails. and twittered.
boys long nap
chat with sister. serious chat.
anxious but hopeful. trusting. praying. everything is fine. God is in charge.
surfing inchies
did my first inchies
15 min walk
play with boys
play with boys
video taking with migs.. he reads alphabets! and puts each letter in a puzzle board. great job Migs!
blogging (now) while waiting for hubby to finish his tv patrol so we can go walking again with the boys(i dont like watching bad news for now... maybe am having PMS)
I think the remaining few hours of this day will just be fine.. I think It's really gonna be a lovely Monday. It is a lovely Monday. I decide.

by the way, here's my first batch of inchies =)

what's your typical day?

Here's mine:
  • wake up
  • prepare Baby's breakfast, which is a sandwich (I always try to make the best one coz I love it when he message me and tell me "yummy burger! yummier than burger king!" hehehe), prepare his lunchbox
  • eat while reading the paper and/or cleaning up inbox.... including FB =)
  • daily planner
  • babath da boys
  • belly dance/pilates (yep! I'm in my 3rd week now of daily (except Sunday) exercise! clap! clap!
  • FB =)
  • shower
  • prayer time
  • playroom with Kuya... (home program)
  • play with Migs
  • lunch (sometimes FB and blogging while having lunch like right now hehehe)
  • nap time with bugoys ... constantly hoping they nap longer for the next item which is...
  • SCRAPPING!!! (if I get lucky)
  • FB =)
  • snack time/tv time with bugoys
  • prep dinner
  • walking
  • FB =)
  • watch nursery rhymes with bugoys/ bedtime stories... (I'm just starting this one)
  • sleep
Of course it isn't always like that 100% There are crazy days too. But it's okey. That's what you call life! But wait...I have noticed something... How come there's a lot of FB in it? Am I an addict? Well, who isn't? lol

To all FB addicts out there... here's for you... (I've been scrapping more so I spend less time FBing...hehehe)

This page says so much about my life with my Rujim.
(I just copied the paper tape pleats technique from a magazine :)


Im happy to share with you one sweet layout I made for 2 sweet ladies... Donna and Sheryl (happy birthday She!). The photos were taken here in our home. I baked some chocolate cupcakes while they played with the boys... served it with coffee (when I was making the layout, I stamped "tea" instead of coffee, but I find the font very pretty --- so instead of erasing it, look what I did hehehe). Click here for more of our pics :)

Here are some details ...

stamped swirls

mini metal frames

embossed paper

vegas trip... good or bad?

BAD!!! Well, not for him (definitely not since I believe he had so much time photo shooting, playing with his bosses, and watching jubilee) but for meeeee! Hubby made a promise to bring home some scrapbooking stuff (clear stamps!!!) but did otherwise :( was so sad I couldn't even look at him. But after days of feeling blue, I finally got my wish...

bought some delicious stuff from my latest fave store
some alphas, clear stamps, ink, block, and clear stamp cleaner!

and I was made to pick a candy from a
pumpkin with a sticker on it that said: FREE GIFT!

my free gift: a sugar coating glitter from doodlebug! Sweet!

Now what? I called BB and thanked him for these treat
and asked for a don't-disturb-me evening and scrapped the night away
using my new clear stamps!
Here's my page:

Acknowledgment: Thank you so much Baby! Everything happens for a reason. I no longer feel bad why I got shirts (instead of what u promised) for a pasalubong, in fact, I think it's even better that you just give me a gift voucher every time (hahaha!) so that I get to choose what I really want. Dili paka ma hassle. What do you think? PATI AH JOKE LANG!!! lurve yuh!!!