4pm playtime!

In this page, I used paperclips, buttons, yellow paint over blue cardstock.

Happy Birthday Raprap!

I experimented my newly purchased Tattered Angels glimmer mists (Thanks to MWL's 2+1 promo) and paints in a funky baby page and inspired by Dear Lizzy, I made my very own banners! I had fun making this page.... a bday present to my friend's son who is turning 1 today! page details: bo bunny papers, glimmer mist, paint, handmade banners, fuzzy wires, buttons, assorted embellies.

Love, Tito Benjo, Tita Bebang, Kuya Uji and Migs :)

Gift of Friendship Series: Jing

She's been one of my best friends, almost sister, eversince college days. She became my classmate, then she also became my SFC household member, we even became co-teachers in LCC. Eventually, we became neighbors! More importantly, we are officially related now after she married a close relative of mine! Is it destiny? hehehe. There are a million things I want to share about our friendship. But since I already spent a sleepless night creating this page for her, let me just enumerate a few:
  • She is inta.
  • She is the Ninang of my son Rujim.
  • She was my ever helpful liturgy coordinator during our wedding and she did an awesome job!
  • She is always there when I need her. Period.
  • She bakes heavenly. I got my all-original brownies recipe from her but I wonder whether she gave me the exact one because when I tried it's just ok while her brownies will just make you forget there's Calea! gosh lipay ang murat!
  • She cooks so well I envy her. I actually hate her. hahaha! peace :)
  • Maybe she hates me too that's why she makes me very fat everytime I come home to Bacolod by giving me all those foodies and pastries she prepares nonstop! And she comes to our doorstep any minute of the day to feed me! And guess what, she does it mostly every after I'd already have dinner. See how mean???
  • Kidding aside, I love her to bits and I believe she feels the same way towards me (nalatnan na ko ininta! Waaaaaaaa!).
  • I thank the Lord for blessing her lately with God's best gift: Baby Oreo. I feel guilty for not being there to support her in this very challenging chapter but to make it up, here's a layout just for her....

In this page, I like how the colors yellow + black + white turned out.

My forever favorite: ribbons and white-inked pen!

I Used clear stamps for the swirls, white ink for scallops, created little hearts using my paper stash and heart puncher and inked the edges a bit. For a tiny accent, I used a peridot heart shaped beads :)

Murat, birthday gift kag baby shower gift ko na ni sa imo ha? hehehe Miss you miga. See you soon Mwah! :) btw, amo lng na nakita ko nga pic ta :( the rest indi clear .... nan kay kada kitanay ubra ta kaun indi gani tabi. Bawi pics next time! Mwah! :)

Mamang is sick again.

And I feel down
thinking how sad she is right now. I'm not in the mood for anything except be lazy here and be with my little boys. Lord please give mamang our love.

This curtain in our bedroom was made by her.

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Happy Birthday Tita Yang! :)

It's Lea Sonia's birthday! So Rujip and Piglet are here to greet her...

These photos were taken at our block's playground. One of their aunt's modeling photoshoots. lol! btw, im so glad to finally get hold of Dear Lizzy's glitter typewriter font stickers she used here! yum yum!

and aren't these fitting forms Screen Prints from Hambly cute? super duper cute!!!

lastly, I'm able to use this cute felt blouse I've been keeping for years. It's one of my prizes when I joined a scrapping contest years ago! Lately I have decided not to hoard anymore.... my motto now: use whatever is best in every layout! Go! :)

Look at my son, inspecting if I did a good job with his gift for Ta Yang ... Again happy birthday Yangie! We love you. Hope to see you soon! From all of us here in Block 778 :)

Before I forget, allow me to brag! This layout of mine was chosen as "layout of the week" in Made with Love gallery! This is my first time ever to be featured! Thank You Lord for the simple joys! :)

mickey mouse page for Tim!

Happy Birthday Tim! I really enjoyed making this page :)
Will post more "mickey party" pictures later in my online shop stay tuned!

cute mess!

Inspired by the current trend in scrapbooking: using mediums like paint, I opened my unused paint tubes and started this layout. Good enough I have my Miguel's "messy" photo!

I used brown for a 'chocolate effect' and cut out fruits to support my journaling:

"Eating, and making a cute mess while you munch is one of the things
I want to remember forever. You love cookies, chocolates, and chips! (Junkies I
know!) But I'm happy that you also like apples, bananas and grapes! =)"

Take a closer look at the brown carton I used as my title background. Eco friendly! hehehe!

Supplies: American Crafts and Bo Bunny papers, Basic Grey alphas, paint, ribbons, clear stamps, toy carton.

All About Me

First and foremost, I am God's daughter. He is my Father. He is King, therefore I am His princess. That truth makes me strong and fearless to face anything. With Him, nothing... no one can be against me. He loves me. He is my number 1 fan. Many times I don't feel I deserve such great love. But 100% of the time I believe He loves me no matter how bad I may be.
I am terribly fickle. I'm embarrassed to admit it's degree. I am temperamental, especially when my period's about to come. It is a crime to disappoint me. I think it's a disorder not yet discovered. I just breakdown when some planned or "promised" thing or event never happens. But most of the time, I am fun-loving. I love to laugh and smile.
I'm a happy stay at home wife to an amazing man, and mom to two wonderful boys. It is with gladness that I'm setting aside my teaching profession, while they're still in their formative years. I thank God everyday for giving me this role. I love my family, my parents, my siblings, nephews and nieces. I love my in-laws. I'm very blessed to have them in my life. I love my few true friends. I'm trying my very best to love my not-so-true friends too. But many a times it's just so difficult. I constantly need God's reminder. But little by little I think I am able to change for the better.
I enjoy scrapbooking (and I'm recently offering basic scrapbooking classes/tutorials for kids), baking, singing and playing my guitar, dancing, facebooking, twittering, blogging, selling. I hope and pray that till I grow old, I am able to do these things I really love doing in the company of great happy people. That would be heaven here on earth!
I love life's challenges, and overcoming each of them. I love victories. Most of all, I love the one who gives me all these things. I love my Father up there who never forsakes me. And with all the blessings and the blessings in disguise He grants me everyday, I pray that all my life, He will continue to give me the grace to always say and testify that He is enough.

{My Scrapbooking Resume}

use your stash: ribbons!

I used my stash ribbons to wrap my valentine present for hubby! The oh-so-helpful stapler did the trick! :) Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

"The most important of all is LOVING JESUS. Anything else is rubbish!" -Fr. Pipo, NC Way Convivence, Batam.

Sizzix Projects

I made 3 special projects using my bigshot machine and a few Sizzix dies. I really enjoy using these cool tools. Wherever this projects "may" lead me (fingers crossed), I know it's part of God's plan. I obey His will. He knows what's best!

anniversary gift layout for my parents :)

pillow gift box


Beach Boys! Soon-to-be School Boys!

Hi all! Im so thrilled! Kuya will be a full-fledged schoolboy already! And beside his school building is a baby gym where Baby Miguel may attend! Still checking it out. Thank You Lord for all the blesssings! :)

He read my layout's title! :)

Miguel saw this page and said: baby! laah! (love) holding both his hands to his heart and swayed from side to side.... he surely knows how to pay me hahaha! By the way, I believe pink isn't only for girls. What do you think? :)

Happy Birthday Baby! Apbotdi Daddy!

{his photos + my frames = bday present from the heart!}
Dear Baby,
May you always have happy days with me, Kuya and Migs....Birthday or not...God is so great for creating an amazing, lovable and loving man like you. You are the best! I love you so much! and yes... i'm so so blessed to have you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *hope u like my gift*

Sounds familiar? Hehehe
Yeah, because that's actually my FB status, the dedication in your bday card :) got to go bake your bday cake, and prepare for your mini party tonight with flickr buddies .... In other words, Im capital B.... busy! for YOU bday boy :)
While you're having a beauty rest.... wow.
Baby, Kuya and Migs

an afternoon at 'made with love'

Champaigne, food, freebies, big Sissix discounts, new projects, new friends! Thank you Made With Love for that fun-filled afternoon. Being with cool scrappers in a "heavenly" place made me feel so close to my dream :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed ... that one of my wishes come true! In God's time :)

Thank you Maggie for keeping me company! Baby and Sheryl for helping me get a slot for the crop party! A hundred hugs and fifty kisses! :)

Here are the cool projects we did that day....

gift box

window 'thank you' card

post-it holder

valentine card
What do you think? :) btw, click here for our photos :)