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Mommy Jean!

This coming mothers day is going to be very special for her because it's her first... Advance happy mothers day Jean and I wish you the best... God is so great for giving you this wonderful role of motherhood... I regret for not being there tomorrow for the baby shower... Have fun! :)

This is just a very simple tag I made for Mommy Jean (which I'm also submitting for Stampin' Sister In Christ) but I loved making it because I was imagining, how would it be if we also had a baby girl? These Dear Lizzy chipboard "dress", the baby foot prints, baby bottles, rattles stamps,  and the pink hambly butterfly would be perfect for her :) hehehe... Maybe, if God allows :)

blog candy, etc!

This post was drafted April 10. That was when I got home from our scrapmeet.  For some reason (packing, house transfer, my son's bday, blah blah blah, I failed to post it :( But no matter how late this may be... the message is still very fresh and true! .... here goes my old but new post...
Whew! This has been a fab day! I actually had a dream come true today. I'm officially a member of Scrappers@Sg group. Yes it's a dream come true... been wishing to have scrapping friends since I was in Cebu! It's really great to scrap with other ladies who are equally if not more scrapping crazy than I am! I learned so much from them, ate a lot with them (yummy food talaga!), played with them (I didn't win any but thank God for the pabitin I grabbed plenty, especially the stickles (lol!), made a layout with them (it will be my next post), had really really good laugh with them... I can't wait for next!

Anyway, Marix is celebrating her blogoversary this April. She wants to share with everyone a chance to have these goodies! Go visit her blog and see for yourself! :)

know what?

Someone's loving  my corner...

so I need to use the bed...

That's how it is when you're a mom..... sigh.

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Thank God I seem to be back to my regular daily routines with the boys, the boys' dad, and myself... which means, more scrapping and blogging time in the coming days! :)

Here's a page for Laine's and Scrapbooking Challenges... The former requires that I use buttons, to my delight, because I LOOOVE buttons... almost every page I make has buttons on them. The latter however needs 1234 details... 1 photo, 2 papers, 3 flowers, and 3 buttons. So fun! So here's my take...

Love the Dear Lizzy 'delightful' sticker strip :) It goes perfectly with my title! It's part of the goodies I got as prize for winning a challenge :)


Inked most of my page using versa magic ink (I got the ink from our "pabitin" game last scrapmeet with Scrappers @ Sg :)

ricrac is part of my stash from Cebu. I remember I got this from a bargain basket in one of the stores in Colon .... the brad is a gift from a friend... the white string is from our pillow. hehehe... (literally this is a scrapbook lol) btw, the border punchers are presents from hubby dearie :)

Love love love this cluster! I punched circles, crumpled and inked the edges, glued some little primas, added brown pearls... stamped "delight" in blue, inked, added plenty of 3d dots... then the buttons! :)

I showed this to Miguel and told him It's Mommy and Miguel in the photo.. He looked at me blankly for a few seconds and walked away with a jealous pout... Maybe he's not convinced he used to be this dark and little before hahaha! :)


I've been sleeping late the past days and I can feel my body starts to complain.  I feel too sleepy now but just before saying goodnight, I'd love to share 2 projects I made lately. One is this altered memo board for my friend Min...

...and another is a page for Miguel's baptism album, which I'm planning to submit to Laines. The challenge is to add buttons in any LO :)

Thanks for looking! Goodnight! :)

have a safe and happy trip my friend...

... I know these won't be our last photos, for sure!

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for a WONDERful friend...

Hi dear friends! I'm back... with so many stories I wish to tell but I guess my pages will just do the job. First off, here's a page I did during Scrappers @ Sg's 3rd Year Anniversary scrapmeet. I made this for my very dear friend Min, who will be leaving me soon :(  It makes me so sad just thinking about it. She's one of the kindest, loving, most sincere, not to mention prettiest friends I've ever had. Now, she's going to Japan, with her family for good.  We both look forward to seeing each other again... in Japan. God willing. I don't know if I would be excited for the sleepover party we have planned this Friday night, or I'd be sad, knowing that the day after will be their flight. Sigh.

Page Details: I love Donna Downey's "dripage" technique, and Iris Babao Uy's pretty and detailed style so for this LO, I gathered all my guts, used different mediums, made a mess, and definitely had so much fun! :)

Mediums used: yellow and black MM acrylic paints for the dripage, TA turqouise blue and iridescent gold glimmer mists, water mark versa mark ink, fancy pants clear tamps, and weathered white antiquities embossing powder for the stamped and embossed leaves.

Hoping to post again tomorrow... I just miss my blog! Hugs hugs hugs to all :)

packing our things ...

We will be moving to a smaller but definitely, for so many reasons, a better place for us.... one is, it's nearer to Kuya's early intervention center which will open in May. God really makes everything right. If we just let him take over.

*see the LBC boxes? those are for Mommyla, Lolo Papang/Lolamamang, and another box full of toys for K and B's cousins! :) It feels great to pack goodies to be given away to loved ones. I can't wait for them to open these :)
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jcs party favors

Thank you so much my dear kumare Cathy for helping me with my little livelihood! I really enjoyed making these! :)

mixed thoughts...

house transfer...
our house in Cebu
dreaming of having our own house in SG.
Miguel, Josh, Reimar and Mikoy's birthday party
birthday invites
Cathy's gift boxes
Cathy's bookmarks
seminar this afternoon
LBC boxes
boxes for transfer
saying bye to my own scrap area
preparing the boys for the transfer
teachers house visit this Friday
Saturday scrapmeet
not knowing how to get to the scrapmeet venue
nice invite for the scrapmeet
excitement for the scrapmeet
excitement for having our own house in two years time
having a baby
vacation in the Philippines
arts and crafts business
feeling ambitious yet hopeful
grateful to people who show concern and help
deciding not to doubt...
believe in goodness
choosing the narrow path
at peace
letting go
letting God.

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me."

Christ is risen!

He is truly risen!!! This is a very happy Easter for me. It's my hubby's first time to experience Easter vigil, fasting, the worship, staying up till 7am today... everything last night was just wonderful. Felt like I was in heaven singing with the angels! God's spirit is so powerful. Felt His love in a way I cannot explain. Truly it is His work that despite many challenges and tests, we are still in our NC Way community. The community that I onced disliked but have learned to really love. Because I have seen God's faithfulness and love in our lives. We need this walk. Thank you so much Lord. Christ is truly risen!!!

It's party time! Swimming at the Talams. Got to hurry and finish those easter presents for the little ones :)

exciting news!

It's Scrappers at Sg's 3rd anniversary! And the founding team have been working hard to make great things happen! One of which is....the 32nd challenge! It's going to be a lot special because it will be hosted by the very talented, Iris Babao Uy.

The challenge (which is OPEN to ALL SCRAPPERS OUT THERE!) is: to create a layout that is inspired by the movie (or book), Alice in Wonderland. The catch is you have to use, at least, two art mediums. That could be a crackle paint, mist, ink, gel, etc...And to quote Iris, "To not care about getting messy and making mistakes. To just have fun and create."

Here's Iris' Alice in Wonderland inspired page...

Challenge winner will get this!

So hurry and check out ... Deadline for this challenges is on April 29, 11:59 PM. Please send your entries to