stamps goodness RAK!!!

Marix is soooo generous to give out this RAK! Do check out her blog and give her some love. You might just get lucky... goodluck to us all :) Thanks Marix!


Is it too late?

I used to be really intimidated with paints. I grew up seeing and smelling paint in the house because my parents' livelihood is designing and selling handpainted fabrics and dresses but  I didn't really give it a thought that one day, I'd be loving paints too!

If someone asked me then what I'd be when I grow up, .I'm sure I didn't have a sincere answer. (I think I was asked one time in a beauty pageant lol! yes I joined but that's another story for another post?), I so confidently answered: to be a humanitarian lawyer, because that sounded too cool and that made me land into the final 5 hahaha) I was to unambitious. I was too easy to please, too shallow. Very small things make me happy. I easily get satisfied. I think I was always too contented of life... Hmmmn... I wonder if it's all good to be that. I can never recall in my life that I wanted to be the BEST. When I joined contests, It was for the fun I had with friends and the prize money  I could get (I grew up poor but always felt very happy and loved by parents). Maybe that's the reason why I was always second place, vice president, assistant, 1st runner up). I didn't really strive to WIN. Didn't study so very hard before exams. I was always happy-go-lucky.... but not very lazy. Just did things to survive but not to be the excellent one.

But I'm blessed, because I believe it's  not yet too late for my DREAMS, for trying to be really GOOD at what I do. For knowing what I really want and what really makes me happy :)  I believe it's not too late to want to learn painting (already told my father I'll learn when we go home for vacation soon and he laughed! because he'd told me so many times before to do it!). I believe it's not too late to say that I love being who I am now: wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, artist (wannabe!). I still need and want many things, but If this is all that I am, and all that God wants me to be, I am happy and so grateful. I wanna be the best at it. I thank God. He is enough.

So inspired by these thoughts... and inspired by my father, Jimmy Badilla my number 1 idol in painting and a lot of things,  and Donna Downey, one of my idols in scrapbook world, I made 3 projects --- using PAINT!

... for Maggie and Sherwin's wedding anniversary

... for Momi Evev's birthday.

... and for Mare Cathy and Pare Noy's wedding anniversary.

Is it  too late to wanna become an ARTIST? *shy* :):):)

coming soon...

An eight-in-one class! Stay tuned! :):):)


I just cried a moment ago due to some difficult situation we are facing, but I decide to let it go. God is in charge. I'm tired of that something and I want to surrender it to God. I admit I haven't been praying faithfully lately :( maybe God misses me :(

Thanks to scrapbooking, "deciding" to GO ON is easier... I just need to post this today so I can move on to my next task on the list...

I made my "July goals" LO first week of July but was not quite satisfied so I just posted it on the wall (I do it every month) but didn't have the guts to show it off ... till I saw this  tutorial from Jennifer McGuire. It was my first time to see how a "dabber" is used. I found it fun and tried it immediately with mr. owl...

I had so much fun dabbing (now im smiling:)) and I even highlighted mr. owl's eye! ... cuteness...thanks to these helpful pals ...

...color box from Meming (thank you Kuring love u!), dabbers, Sizzix owl die, versa color, stamp markers (owl's eye), and my frequently used sharpie and white pen :)

Now, with the help of mr. owl, giving a "complete" feeling to my work,  I can show you my July motivator, our two deepest reasons for all the hard work and sacrifices, our cutie pie apple pie sons, Rujim and Miguel... they make us strong, so happy, "wealthy", and so blessed.

... also used, MM paints, MS punchers, AC heatwave pps, MR stamp, stickles, and K&Company stickers :) many thanks to Aida and MWL for  these freebies!

Thank you for looking. I feel better. I believe all things work together for those who love the Lord. I should never worry. He works. He moves. He loves us all the time.  


Aside from prayers, my 3 kings, praise music, chocolate, glossy magazine, and KFC, there's one thing that lifts me up when I'm having a "low-volt" day...

A new notebook!

Yesterday was one of those days, after my sister went home to the Philippines after her soooo very brief SG weekend. It was physically tiring (going to so many places and doing as much bonding as we could in 2 days!), emotionally draining (being so happy seeing her with my boys, and seeing the latter getting too attached only to be left with sad goodbyes all of a sudden! so painful leh!). Woke up feeling extremely sleepy and down, Monday morning.

I was again tempted not to go for Word. But I whispered for "help". And before I knew it, I was in a Woodlands-bound bus. Then I was already in Popular. Then I saw this cute Japanese notebook at $7. Bought it. Transferred my important notes in it while waiting for the Word to start. Felt good. Sang and prayed with our community. Felt even better.

Today, I altered the notebook.

Used the extra Basic Grey's Olivia PPS and some ribbons from my MWL GDT kit for July, and my bind-it-all :)

How did it make me feel?  Best! :) Thank You Lord for the little things that bring great joy. I'm now ready to make my next project. Class assignment for August! Ciao!

crazy for SIZZIX

Yes I am! I am a Sizzix addict. I've got lots of dies which I have been collecting since hubby gave me my Bigshot as an anniversary present a year ago. And now that MWL got me as an instructor and as guest designer for June and July, I got even more addicted! Imagine the privilege to use ANY die from the Sizzix library? *faint*

Okay I'm back (lol) .... as my 'thank you' gesture for MWL and Sizzix, for the joy it gives me with its amazing line of cool dies, with the help of Basic Grey's Olivia collection,  I made a LO using only Sizzix! Aside from the stamps, inks and other mediums, I used dies to make my own embellishments :) from buttons, tags, bird, flower, ricrac, scallops to even the alphas I used for the title ---- all are made from Sizzix dies!

... I used Hero Arts stamps, Ranger and Versa fine inks.

... another first for me: Tim Holtz crackle paint! and, inspired by the "recycling" cause of the MWL design team, I made a handmade flower out of those butter cookies wrappers, those look like vellum papers and they're so easy to curl! :)

... see those paper buttons? I covered it with Ranger matte accents... and did some little bit of sewing in my page too!

I hope you like my humble project :) I am too excited for the weekend my youngest sister is arriving from the Philippines today, we will go swimming at my friend Cathy's place tonight,  I'll have my BFF class at MWL tomorrow, and might go to the Zoo or the Universal Studios on Sunday :) Thank you Lord for providing for all our needs and some wants too... You are an awesome God!

thrifty thursday: mall RIDES

One of the things my two little guys love so much is to RIDE those rides at the malls. And they will ride those ONLY if they aren't moving! Which means? FREE RIDES!!! :):):) Here's a collection of K and B's joyrides ...

Have you seen HAPPINESS in their eyes? It's really really true: the best things in life are oftentimes free :)


... is a great day! Been having excellent mood lately. I thank God for that. Everything goes well when I'm in a great mood. Last week was awful because of one reason. PMS. It's the one thing I dislike about myself. I even call it an illness :( I get so depressed and so irritable a week before my period. Is there a cure for this?

... my LO, {believe} was one of the featured photos at SC this week :)

... I made one of the pages for Miguel's baptism album (which I still haven't finished yet huhu)I made this using Scrap and Stamp's sketch (thank you Marix! I got to know this challenge blog from one of your blog posts) ... here's my take for this week's challenge:

... played a little bit with the vellum paper :) I wanted to cover the photo initially with it but then when I opened it I like what I saw. So there :)

...the challenge is, aside from playing along with the provided sketch, I have to use at least a single stamp in the layout, so I stamped this cute doily using versa water mark ink, Ranger weathered white embossing powder, and applied heat? Do you like doilies? Been seeing a lot of it lately. It's my first time to use and I kinda like it! :)

... gotta go. Smile :) God loves you! :)

just a few good things :)


my first try on Mommy's (mom-in-law) kare2 recipe gained 99 ganda points from hubby :):):)
maggie's siopao and paklay
arranging the EC table and flowers in the church


M3 (hahaha!)
Vivo City and Marina Barrage (later) with my boys

and these...
I got the stamp set for submitting a layout for Create but Edleen included more in the RAK from her very own stash! She even wrote a personalized note for me. How thoughtful! I super love the papers. Perfect for my two boys pages. Thank you so much Edleen :)

Also from the mail... an invite for a wedding... of guess who? My pretty friend back home in Cebu. Lalie!!! So happy for her. Notice the name of her hubby-to-be: Benjo! Exactly the same with my hubby's name hahaha! Now we have something in common? lol.... Love you Lalie Byuti! :)

My LO "Cheska"was featured in SC this week :) Thank you! :)

And... these are some of the dies that I'm gonna play with in the coming days! You can purchase these at Made With Love...

Thank you Lord for these sweet blessings that make life beautiful, despite some trials and challenges... I call these brush of an angels wings :)

Before I forget, I want to congratulate a scrapmate, a friend for being a DT search finalist at The Studio! Congrats Sookie! So proud of you :)

That's all for now! Time to prepare the boys for Vivo City! :) God loves all of us! Smile :):):)

it's for me :)

I did a layout for myself. To motivate me. To remind me.To inspire me. I have simple dreams for myself and my family. I have some bigtime wishes too. And I offer it all to the Lord. May He always walk with me, giving me strength, wisdom and humility in my journey... to live, love and scrap along the way :)

I used the extra papers from Aida's Good Days class --- MME's Quite Contrary pps. Love the pinks and the greens.

Using a green fabric, I handmade a frame, added some twine around it, embellished with dainty flowers that have been with me for years. These flowers were among the very first few scrapping supplies I had when I started scrapping. I think I bought these from Colon, Cebu :) It's too difficult to let it go. Brings back sweet memories :)

If my sewing machine could talk, It could have thanked me for using it again haha! It's so much fun to do this on a LO why am I not doing this often. Maybe in the coming days, I might :)

Stamping, embossing, and handmade flowers! I learned this from Sookie and Maggie, plus I added the water color effect I learned from Cosmo Cricket's blog... the only original idea coming from me is that I used white vellum paper... I love how it turned out! :)

Painted a chipboard shape, misted a little, stamped using Hero Arts stamp, versa watermark ink, ranger embossing powder... then applied heat using a heat gun.

For this layout, I used Pamela Young's sketch from Scrapbook challenges.

Thank you for looking! :)

i just want to say...

Thank you so much! To all my students last June for enrolling in my "BFF Memory Book" class at Made With Love. All 26 kits were sold out! What a blessing it truly was!

For those who missed it, don't worry because we prepared another 20 kits for you this month! And since most of the papers used for the kit were sold out, I did some little changes in the album and I think it looks just as cute! Here's a sneak of the 9-paged, girl-themed mini-album we will make in class using the very reliable and coolest tool on earth: Sizzix Bigshot!

Hope to see you or your young girls in my class! Please check out some other cool and fantastic classes in MWL here.

weekend's best

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was great :)

My kids slept early Friday night and hubby was glued on World Cup so after finishing some other momi duties, I Challenged myself to finish 5 cards in one sitting. Started 11:15 and ended 1:05. Here are my very simple express cards...

The day after, we spent some lazy, relaxed time at Compass point...

This shop always gets my attention. In my dreams, I have such a sweet and cozy place in Bacolod, my hometown. But it's all papers and stationeries instead of pastries :) Can someone make this dream of mine come true? *looking up* hehehe :)

Best of all, at our Eucharistic Celebration, I was inspired greatly by Father Leong's homily about PEACE... which he ended with a prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Hope you also had a great weekend. Thank you for dropping by! :)