Does it make me an angel?

... If I have an angel son?  I wish!!!

I usually have no problem with journaling considering I am a very open person. I write what I think and feel not really thinking what others may say. But this one made me stop a bit....

"God sent a handsome, funny and smart angel to light up our life ... and his name is Miguel!"

Bullseye. That's Miguel. He came to us in the best timing. Ever. That was when we were so troubled about his brother's disability.... And now that we have accepted the imperfections of our family, Miguel seems to make it perfect! I believe his mission in life is as great as his brother's. When Kuya is our ticket to heaven, always keeping us grounded, always making us so close to God, Miguel on the other hand is the ANGEL who assists the 'ticket boy' ... In his own little way, He gives us joy I can never describe. His charm will make you forget about deadlines. His wits will stop you from saying anything, that all you'd want to do is look at him, listen to him, enjoy his antics... his cuteness is beyond words...

Oh how I thank You Lord for sending one of your angels down to earth! Somehow we have a glimpse of  how it  is to be in heaven :)

... i think this is the page that will describe my kind of style :) buttons, ribbons, strings, twine, twill ....doodling & scribbling, and just working with papers and cardstocks available :)  Here, I used Pebbles New Arrival pps, AC glittered cardstock, bazzil cardstocks, and my ever reliable sharpie :)

... hand-cut glitter dots :)

... white paper made into a spiral :)

... ribbons! :)

Now if having Miguel doesn't make me an angel.. at least for sure I am Miguel's mom... so I'm an angel's mom. Wow. I like how it sounds! hehe.

Next step:  submit this to SASG "always be my baby" challenge! gtg...


Here's a layout for an extra special person... my mom-in-law. The lovely, loving, lovable mommy/mommyla of ours. She's the best. I am very proud to tell the world that I am very blessed to have her as my mom. She's very kind to me. Very respectful of my being a wife to her only son, very supportive of my being a mom to her grand kids.  She treats me like her own daughter...  I love her so much.

She's a cool mom to all her children, including me :) She listens. She understands. She gives. She is simple, conventional and even naive. Never complicated. It's not difficult to please her. She cooks very well. Especially her kare2 (which I have learned to copy! yes!). She is fashionable.More stylish than me. She even sometimes asks me to let go of my tank tops, shirts and flip flops and should wear heels and dresses more often. hahaha! But then again, she never pushes me. She knows how to respect my style :) And I love her more for that....

I used this very special paper from Websters that I have been keeping for  a long time already. I finally found a perfect time and person to use it for... Mommy's birthday... and the 4 different sizzix dies (the 3D roses, the stamp frames, the loops, and the vine) helped me put this page together :)

I wanna thank Marix for this birdcage stamp :)

Added glimmer mists, stickles and some blings ...

... and I love the effect of  Tim Holtz' crackle paint on the frames!!!

There you go... I hope Mommy likes this :)

cheap date :)

lucky plaza
lutong pinoy (Filipino traditional home cooked meals)
window shopping
nonsense jokes
walking (hhww!) without any plans
thoughts and talks of K & B
fun and sweet date nights need not be complicated :)

Have a sweet weekend y'all! :)

private moments :D

I don't know where my mojo went. Haven't been scrapping lately. I even "forced" myself yesterday to get inspired. I read my supposed to be "inspiring" books, watched Donna Downey's very inspiring videos. I loved what I read and watched. But still I didn't do anything.

Blame it on my latest "business"? I've been crazily in love with this VITAMINS. I love it so much I wish everyone I love are taking these each and everyday! It helped me (my back pains, my arthritis, my skin!, my period, my *secret activities*) a lot. Okay, I'm stopping right here before you get so bored and think I'm  selling these to you (but why not!) hahaha!

Meanwhile, while I was cleaning up my picasa this morning, I saw these pics and laughed. Now I'm laughing again. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! =D

The story behind: On my 36th birthday, one of my friends, Momi Marge gave me a towel set. I found it uber cute because there's one mommy towel and 2 baby towelettes! So there! Can you hear the noise and the chaos during that night inside our little room? LOL...

P.S. Only those who love me have the permission to click the photos for the larger, clearer, and more embarrassing version of the photos. hahahahaha!

Have a great Thursday all... I'm off to Orchard with my bugoys and Mae. Planning to bring my camera :) and take lots of photossssss.... ciao! :)

big delicious hugs - Jewels

... that was what she wrote when I asked her for an autograph. Why not? She's none other that the famous, the sweet Julianna Hudgins, International Spokesperson for Sizzix! It was a great privilege to be attending her workshop when she was here a few weeks back (pardon me for this late post hehehe) Thanks Made With Love for making that happen!

Me and Jewels. I made her hold my "Happy Traditions" album... and here are the projects we had so much fun making in her class:

mini album!

... fabulous bib necklace and ring! i love the ring so much I wear it often these days :) are more photos from my cam:

... met new friends too! :) ... and look what I got from the raffle draw:

decorative accents die! yippeeee! ... not only that, all of us got to bring home these freebies:

yumminess! :)
Sizzix and Made With Love  really rock! :)

i heart {this} weekend

What could be better than a free and easy weekend? A blank planner? A home cooked Filipino dish called adobo? A good smelling munchkins because Daddy gave them bath? (They always smell better when they shower with Dad than with me? How come?)

I wish I'd always remember how it feels to just stay home, be a mom and wife ... to stop and smell these lovely blooms...

Happy weekend everyone! Hugs :)

recycled mini "gift tags" album :)


Thought I was having a great day until someone from the underworld tried to ruin it. It really got me for some minutes. Thank God for the angels whose names start with B, R and M... I got back to my senses and laughed it away!  I even managed to record a video with angel  M while Angel R was already in dreamland :) You just couldn't stay angry with them around....

Angels sleeping now except for the oldest (lol) who won't allow me to blog longer *wink* so Im leaving you with this:

...tags of the $5 tank tops I got from Cotton On :)

... recent fave: Ranger's Claudine Hellmuth semi-gloss paint! 


Lovely "gift tag" mini mini album! :)

Hope you like it! Proud to say, It's my original idea :) :):) Gtg! Movie time BB via my new gadget :):):)

card fever!

My "cards to go" class at MWL is over but I'm still in the mood for cards! Making these is so much fun ... although making even a very simple card can be a challenge when you have a 2 year old  who just learned to make sentences (sentences too cute to resist!) ordering so many things from you arrrgggh! Earlier, I was on the verge of throwing all these cards (hi blood! haha!) because Miguel was having a grand time asking me for so many things.... then... he DANCED.... we both laughed and hugged each other... whew! I love being a mother lol!

And... I'm so happy to share that I met a flower shop owner yesterday who would like me to sell my cards in his shop! Yipeeee! :)
These batch are for my Tita Pars, my dear friend and sister Jules, and my Ninang Babes :) I gotta go upload these in FB and tag them :) Bye!

Supplies: lots of stash and a variety of Sizzix dies.

wordless wednesday: beautiful things :)

thankful tuesday: teaching @ Made With Love

planning for a class project or layout....
"shopping" for the supplies without spending a penny...
smelling, touching, cutting, pasting, folding, cropping all my favorite things...
choosing dies... my beloved Sizzix dies!
uber cool scrapping lab... (see for yourself!)
blogging and bragging about everything...
sample kits...
picking schedules...
showing off my project...
looking at it 100x...
earning.... (not that much, but money isn't everything, believe me it could never buy peace of mind and a true smile)

but God wanted to give me some more...

fun classes...
okay I can't lie, there are stressful classes :) but I want to believe everyone goes home smiling :) that's what I see! :)
new friends...
many of them!

*pls click the photo for  a bigger version

Thank You so much Lord for leading me to this job... I love doing it. Makes me a happy person.  I wish to be doing it for a very long time. If not forever. haha!

we are oceans apart we are sending this school of fish (could fish swim that far? lol!) to bring our hugs and kisses. Happy Birthday Mira! with much love from Singapore :)

recently :)

Here are three layouts I did recently... first is for the flipflops birthday party for Fiona and me :)

... this one is for my father's victorious Negros Walk

... the 3rd one is for our round robin with my scrapmates at ScrappersatSg...

So busy with my new business, my scrapbooking tasks/classes, and my bugoys... but Im a very happy busy bee! :) Thank You Lord! You're the best! :)

pretty lady's birthday

Ours is an example of whirlwind friendship. Time together can still be counted but memories shared are oh so sweet. I can still recall that moment, not so long ago in a parenting seminar we were attending (still strangers to each other) when she just handed me a piece of paper with her phone number :) super cute gesture. I knew right there an then we will become really good friends :)

I thank God for giving me a friend who is not selfish to give her love to a not-so-perfect kind of friend like me. I pray she's having the best day today...And a life ahead that's full of peace and happiness!

Happy Birthday Min! I love you :)

*taken using my iphone, edited in picasa :)


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Meet Mae. My third cousin who helps me take care of my kids. She's been with us since my eldest was 4 months old. We have something in common. We both adore my Rujim and Miguel. But she's got something I don't have.... PATIENCE. I thank God for her.

Journaling: "Life with Rujim and Miguel... Too much of a good thing is wonderful!"

Used old papers from Cosmo Cricket... one of my faves :)

Buttons! How do I live without you? :):):)

Happy Teachers Day!

I'm back! :)

I finally got the right white table, put on my 'handy mommah' hat and assembled it. I lacked some tool (don't know how it's called) so I used my scrapbooking tool: long nose. I did it! Can't wait for a "lesson" with Kuya using his new study table and chairs! :)

As I said in my previous post, I wanna blog some more when I come back.  Here's why...

It's teachers day today here in Singapore. So with Dear Lizzy's Enchanted papers, American Crafts bird stamps, punchers, ribbon, twine, stickles, and a Sizzix die, I made this special card for my son's teacher.

I wrote down the dedication using my oh so favorite sharpie, and will let Kuya write down his name at the bottom. He's still at the playground so he will do that later when he comes home :)

... And using Echo Park papers & stickers, Sizzix flower die, chipboard, mod podge and twill I also made these quick and easy chipboard bookmarks for the rest of the faculty in Kuya's school, eventhough they aren't his teachers :) They deserve it!

Happy Teachers Day! May God send more and more teachers on earth :)

good things ... goodies...

Hi! In the midst of my insanely busy life, without hubby, (I have a hubby, he just went to Japan! lol!) I just wanna brag about some stuff that bring big smiles :)

...Scrapbook Challenges featured my "36" layout :) Thank you Sookie!

... Marix is sooo generous! These are stamps and some more cute stuff I got for winning her RAK giveaway :) She even gave me a pretty card :) Thank you Marix! :)
... Maggie also gave me some bits of what she won from Harmonie//ScrappersatSG... thanks Mader! :)

... And these, came from far far away, sent by my friend Min. I absolutely love the Can Make concealer! :) Thank you my friend. I miss you dearly.... I envy Benjo for seeing you guys this weekend.... Enjoy! :)

Now I got to go... Miguel here, keeps on nagging me: "Wear shoes... ride taxi... go Ikea!" With a very impatient look on his face.... I told them we're going to Ikea early this MORNING, now it's  already AFTERNOON  :)  FYI, we already went to Ikea yesterday to buy a white study table. But this morning when I opened the box, I saw RED! My bad. I didn't read the label very well... or maybe I thought all tables were white... waaaaaaaaaaa....

I wanna blog some more when I come back. Hugs to all! :)