happy where I am

Been here for a week but it feels like we came only today. I miss my papers, scissors and glue but I miss my hometown more :) Thank You Lord (and Baby!) for making this happen!

Here's the plan...

[check] week one: family

[        ] week two: friends
[        ] week three: mommyla
[        ] week four: honeymoon part 2 ... baby girl?hahahaha
[        ] week five: relatives, Lola Pering's birthday
[        ] week six: family again

Lord I offer you my plans.... btw, I changed my boring hairstyle to something I never ever dreamt about: BANGS!!! hahaha ... tell me what you think, and please, be kind lol!

P.S. I miss Benjo :(

good and bad and good and good

good: just finished my 5th class for this month, two more to go!

bad: had some unpleasant encounter with someone today :( but I already talked (or should i say Sms-ed) the person and i hope she gets the message right. If not then maybe we need to talk about it some more.

good: played Christmas songs in class today while making pages of Happy Traditions (Christmas themed) glad they like it :) thanks BB and Maggie for the help :)

good: taught side by side with someone I really admire for her great work and her kind heart, her passion for teaching and her love for her son.

bad: forgot about lunch and ate pretzel and a lot more after class :(

good: I'm 2 LRT stations away from home.

hey, more good news than bad :) God loves me! and you too! :)

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deeper in love

 ... with Sizzix! One of the first things I gave myself with my part-time teaching job pay is this die.  And it's my first time to play with it today to make personalized presents for friends and loved ones....
... store-bought bedroom slippers  plus a fabric stash plus 3 buttons equals one-of-a-kind present.
 I hope Gae likes this :) 

... inexpensive shirt plus fabric plus fabric paint equals cool gift for a not-so-young-boy-so-i-cannot-give-him-a-toy- boy JR. Crossing my fingers this becomes one of his favorite tees :)

and ...

...when Jolene asked me to make something for her graduation masquerade ball. I readily said yes for I know there's Sizzix to run to :) I cut a mask using AC glittered cs and added this swirl die. Thanks to MWL's 7th birthday storewide 40% off sale!

... my reluctant model :)

Bye! Gotta wrap more presents for tonight's (very early) Christmas party :)

crazy week... crazy sale...

It's been a crazy week. classes. gifts. projects. early Christmas party. This morning the boys had their jabs, now I'm on way to help make n takes at Made With Love, later tonight I'll decorate a bulletin board at the church before Eucharist starts. If I get lucky, I can go home while kids are still up, so I could play with them and recharge otherwise I'll just decide to feel lucky still coz it means I'd have free time to wrap presents. Whew!

I wanna thank my hubby, Benjo for helping and supporting and loving me all these time of craziness. I honor him for understanding me in my mood swings, my forgetfulness (i tell you it really sucks!) and giving me hugs and kisses along the way without me asking for it =)

Another crazy, unbelievable thing happening around town... MWL's storewide 40% off SALE for the store's 7th birthday celebration! (not to mention the fun events they're having now... cropathon, make n takes, etc!) ...heading there now to help out along with other DT's. It's my first time to attend as part of the team! I feel so elated =)

Hope to see you there!

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November --- class schedule and details

It's November! Excitement couldn't be contained anymore because we are a few weeks away from going home, for our much-awaited-long-overdue-almost-two-month vacation to the Philippines, our home... Sometimes, anticipation of Bacolod and Cebu and Butuan wakes me up in the middle of the night, and daydreaming (at night time) happens hahaha! God knows I am extremely impatient and my EQ is negative 100 so He spares me from the torture of "waiting" and allowed me to be busy with exciting events among which are my classes at MWL! So yes my dear friends, I am excited for our trip but at times, with so much to do at hand (pasalubongs, gifts, a number of lists to accomplish, kids school and immunization, the desire to look fit and slender (Lord help me!) household, etcetera...) I am also competing against the clock.... but then again, the yearning to be home is stronger so at times I just freeze. I don't know If you get me. lol.

Okay, the title of this post is 'class schedule and details' and not 'bebang's blabber about upcoming vacation' so I'll stop right here and leave you with these.... cheers! =)

Sizzix 101

An absolutely exciting entry into the world of Sizzix die-cutting fun awaits you in this must-attend workshop! Learn the basics in playing with the Sizzix Big Shot die-cutting machine. Use at least 10 Sizzix dies to make 7 mini-projects that include a gift tag, card, envelope, paper bags as party favors, home d├ęcor items, and even a personalized notebook! Your life will never be the same again once you try your hand at the wonders of the Sizzix die-cutting system in this first of its kind workshop!

What To Bring Along : foam dots, tacky glue, scissorsand a x2 sepia photo, bottle (optional).

Workshop Schedule: 11 Nov (2:30-5:30 P.M.), 21 Nov (2:30-5:30 P.M.), 22 Nov (6:30-9:30 P.M.)

For Kids Aged 6-12

Exams are over for most and what better way to unwind for your child than to spend a meaningful time undergoing creative therapy as they learn to complete 3 happy and fun scrapbook layouts. Themes revolve around their hobbies, friends, family and other loved ones so it’s plenty of fun and immensely meaningful. But that’s not all, kids will try their hand at scrapbooking techniques like creative cutting, painting, sand stamping, in addition to making their own floral embellishments, envelopes and shapes using the Sizzix Big Shot! This is truly fun and exciting workshop your child won’t want to miss!

What To Bring Along :tape glue, glossy accents, foam dots and scissors

For photos:
- 1 x 4R family photo
- 1 x 4R photo with friends and favorite hobby (dancing, scrapping, biking, etc)
- 1 x 4R photo with a loved one (daddy, mommy, siblings or best friends)

Workshop Schedule: 9 Nov (2:30-5:30 P.M.), 14 Nov (2:30-5:30 P.M.), 17 Nov (2:30-5:30 P.M.)

Happy Traditions

Create a 10-page Maya Road wavy mini album in this fun-filled workshop where you’ll learn a variety of techniques using paints, mists, embossing powders, stamps and more! In addition, pick up skills in creating your very own handmade flowers in 3 different ways. But that’s not all, have heaps of Sizzix fun playing with our Sizzix machines and Christmas dies and come away with a very merry looking mini album keepsake perfect for all your Christmas holiday memories! It’s never too early to start!

What To Bring Along ::
tape glue, glossy accents, foam dots and precision tip scissors. Distress inks (optional)
For photos: 4 wallet sized photos & 4 2”x2” photos

Workshop Schedule: 20 Nov (1:30-4:30 P.M.)

Click here for more workshop offered at Made With Love. To register, call 6238-8770. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day! =)

foretaste of heaven

Just got back from a 4-day convivence in this nice resort hotel in Malaysia. That retreat with my hubby and 83 more brothers and sisters from our Neo-Catecumenal Way community, I want to say out loud, really changed my life. It changed my perspective on life in a great great way. The life experiences of many, the message of hope about death, heaven and hell, here and now in my present life, my sins, my weaknesses, and God's great love for me despite all of those were laid clearly in front of me --- and I never felt this peaceful in my entire life. I pray that this state stays with me for the longest time. I am truly happy. Happiness from deep within. The kind of joy without the loud laugh. It makes me cry in fact. The kind of happiness that I need not show and tell because it's just between me and God.

I was saying to a brother while we were on board our bus, I'm scared of going back --- to the real world, outside the comfort zone of that spirit-filled retreat. But I quickly reminded myself to just be ready all the time and look up, beg for His mercy. So now, I am back, with a prayer: Holy Spirit please be with me and my hubby in facing life... and occasional "deaths"... hoping that You are always there for us lifting us up in each and every "resurrection"...

Sharing with you some of my favorite photos :) hope it shows here how our two boys loved the vacation as well :)

... more photos  HERE.

Trick or treat? Again?

This may sound a cliche but time flies soooo fast! Check this, this, and now this. We've been in this city for 3 Halloweens already. It feels only yesterday when I made that angel and devil headbands... now the cutest toothless infant in red can already read!

Good thing there's this blog. All 3 Halloweens documented. Now I wanna add something --- a hard copy! lol! So with that in mind, I decided to make make my very first assignment for Sizzix DT at Made With Love --- a Halloween album!

Old papers, fabric, cardstocks, rub-ons, glossy accents, and a lot of Sizzix dies were my ingredients for this trying-to-be-scary album =)

... you may click on the photo for larger version, thus seeing details of the pics.

I wanna thank Momi Tin2 and pinsan Nomer for our second year of trick or treatin' at Woodlands. We all had fun that night, especially the two cutest elves...and we went home with not just lots of sweets but with excitement for next year! :)