Jesus... You are the Reason!

I hope and pray that the joy I have right now is also in the heart of God's each and every creation. Happiness beyond compare.

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

 This special belen was handmade by my father.

P.S. I have my December Daily happenings in my journal, I hope, I can update my blog one of these days :)

if there's a will there's a way!

Came here without a single tool, no papers, no nothing... but look what I got now!!!

... and today, I made this...

... and ate this.

got to go now! Christmas shopping galore! :)

homebody and pms

Christmas tree
teddy bears
tv rack
Lolamins and Migs
Kuya and his gadget
me and my pms


a very long back-ache causing chat with BB.

Some days are better than others... that's alright :) kun si Miguel pa ...

December Daily Blog

I guess making a December Daily album is too big an ambition for me as of the moment. I prepared an album, fabrics, and some other scraps I could find in the house. But when I was so excited to create my supposed to be first page, I realized I got nothing of the essentials. No glue, scissors, foam dots to name a few :( Why didn't I bring my crop bag??? I guess God just wants me to focus on the the things that really matter in this very long vacation ...

But there's just too much going on this very first day of December...

first, I went walking with Papang and Mamang very early... 4:59 AM! had pandesal right after :)

then, spent the day at home (my parents' home) the whole day, just cleaning, arranging things, planning meals, had a home-serviced manicure (my third this week!), finished sorting photos, had coffee thrice!

then, I went to church with Papang.

then, had a very short but meaningful chat with Mamang.

then, I killed a million mosquitos LoL!

now I'm with my boys, thinking of their Dad :)

... So here's to a month-long of gratitude posts! Be back tomorrow :) Nyt!

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