for you Margaret :)

Happy Birthday Maggie! :)

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! :)

first for 2011

Happy Birthday Tita Betsy!

Let's do it!

Hello there! For the past 3 days, I've been typing and erasing and re-typing ... Just ending up canceling my posts ... It's never easy to be back just like that after 2 months of vacation to my hometown... Homesickness kills me ... I just miss home, my family, nephew, cousins, friends, food, the crazy life back there... But God, my ever loving ang faithful Best Friend, and his assistant BB, with my adorable boys, and some angels here and there made things better and now I can say that I'm somehow back :)

And what better way to be back than these little things that push and inspire me bring my mojo back!

...this year's planner, a present from Maggie :)

... adaptors for my iPad! a surprise pasalubong from BB... Now I can upload and organize photos directly from my usb and sd cards :)

...and this uber cute notebook from Swee Ching! :)

Thank you guys! Now I got no more reason to just dilly dally ... Gotta get this butt moving! Have an excellent weekend you guys! :)

We're back!

... And I can't wait to get back to work :)

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station 8 cutiepie

Even in a bad day like this, you never fail to make us smile... laugh... and love you more.  So glad you are out of the hospital in less than 24 hours our little brave superstar!