class sneaks and happenings

FLORILICIOUS... because Flor is my mother's name and this class is dedicated to her....

Last night my friends Cathy, Margie, Evev, Rachel (not a mommy yet!) came by with their kiddos for a Friday night bonding and playdate! ...

Almost forgot to share these photos... a scrapbooking class/baby shower at American Club... 

That's all folks! Heading to the doctor in a bit. This annoying dry cough that comes and goes and comes and never goes is scares me... 

smile :)

Some cuteness to drive bad mood away.... please Lord, I know I am an aunty but I wanna be a happy aunty. Not a grumpy one. Sigh.

new... new... news :)

Still feeling a bit sick and lousy sometimes but there are a number of reasons why I smile.  Cute and funny conversations with my (almost) three year old. Hot tea. Apples. Guavas. Watermelon. Not used to these (I'd rather have oreo and cheddar flavored raffles) but I'm training my self to be more friendly with good food =) So far so good!

New Sizzix goodies...

Okay here's why ...  I'm having sleepless nights with the latest Eclips. The poor me couldn't afford it so I just convince myself that never ever will I need it because I have Bigshot. But everytime I go to Made With Love Eclips is saying "HI!" to me, making me drool and want it so much... so what I did to console myself is to buy dies --- kinda therapeutic because I slept well last night! hahahah! 

New class... 

It's a mini album/mothers day/kids class featuring my faves Sizzix and American Crafts Confetti line. It's going to be my second time doing a private class at American Club! *grin*

News... I was chosen to be on top 5 at Sketchy Thursdays for April GDT post! The other ladies are really awesome so I am not expecting to win hehehe... Being a finalist is good enough for me. Thank you ST! :)

Lastly, a fellow Pinay scrapper and a friend Marix has an ongoing MEGA SALE! I have bought my first set of copic markers from the said sale and I am sending her my latest orders now... I tell you, It's SUPER DUPER LOW LOW PRICES!!! Hurry!!! :) 

East Coast

These were the nice photos I mentioned in my previous post :)

banana cake and a sushi :)

Last week was a little bit too much for me, maybe. Five classes and a few more things-to-do in between. Most days I woke up earlier than usual, stayed up late to finish some work-related stuff. Feeling a little guilty for not giving my boys enough time. The good thing is... what I do is not regular so now I am enjoying a week just for myself and the boys before I hold my last class for this month which is on Sunday :)

Friday. I went home with colds and body ache. Feeling a bit stressed. So to relax, I ended up making a layout for my next class. Yeah, I get stressed of those things yet I tend to un-stress still doing the same things. Hahahaha.

Weekend was lazy. We went to East Coast which, for some reason I didn't like except that we took nice photos which made me think, all is well that ends well... Then some friends came over. JJ. Charlie. Shine and Ryan. Had some usual LQ with hubby (we always do right?). Watched TV a lot.  And prepared these...

banana cake ala Migs (he was watching the whole time
 and announces to everybody he did the baking). 

Sushi. They all loved it.
Well except Ryan who only ate 2. lol.

Bo Bunny, American Crafts, Maya Road, Sizzix & Zutter

Spent the last 2 days creating. Thanks to hubby's absence haha. Here's an altered Maya Road tea tin for Made With Love.

... having a huge crush on Bo Bunny! My first time to make something from this brand and I can say it's love at first sight! Thanks to Aida for assigning me this. And one of these days, I will be making a mini album for a class! Yes, Bo Bunny it is! 

 Paint the tin.
 Tear the papers.
 Paste on tin randomly. 
Coat with mod podge.
Cut Sizzix frame (it's actually a mini album die).

My son was very happy! Though without words, his grin said it all! =) 

And here's some sneaks of an upcoming private/birthday party class... A Zutter mini album using American Crafts Hello Sunshine collection :) 

Thank you Holy Spirit for the inspiration to work. And have a good time.
Prayers for the victims of tsunami in Japan. God is bigger than all these. 

let me share

Marix meeting my boys :) in an unplanned short but fun bonding :)

new toys!

some tags.

my Bliss layout was gallery fave! :)

... and my darling babies who light up my life despite the challenges we all face. 

friends forever

After not communicating for many years due to some misunderstanding, I am finally in good terms with my SFC days bff!  That was one of the happiest days of my vacation back home.  Today is her birthday and I made this page for her using Echo Park Springtime collection and a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I hope Kikay likes this :)

I'm usually a die-cut scrapper but this time I just used papers from the collection, 1 pc of brad, a 
white string to tie the "hidden journaling" and a yellow ribbon... so pretty pretty page for a very special person :) 

went out on a date

... holding on to that special moment yesterday when he said, "Mommy I'm so happy." Because other than that, I feel so down, tired, discouraged, so negative about something. I just hate this roller coaster of emotions. I wish I knew how to deal with it in a snap.


Here's what a lovers quarrel can do hahaha... I thank God for after a gloomy Monday, I am now back and ready to rock! I made my 2011 goals last night, based on the reflections I had while in the retreat, the process got me so energized that I was up till almost 3am finishing this project for Made With Love which is due next week. A first time. Because  usually, I couldn't start making something not until the last minute. Which I don't like actually.  Maybe I have changed? haha.

For this,  I got inspiration from Pencil Lines, and Color Combos Galore. Used 2 favorite Sizzix dies, and 4 of my favorite mediums from Tattered Angels and Ranger.

... a layout of our wedding photo, almost 8 years ago. He's away now and I miss him.

I experimented the whole evening last night with this caged bird. I couldn't stop til I saw this shimmery gray metallic effect :)  

Then for the flowers, I ripped and die-cut some pages of an old book, misted it,  inked it, crumpled it, curled it. The brad is one of the cheap ones I bought from National Bookstore, Philippines :)

... and I also did some stitching! :) 

Now I have a shadow box project! 

... and these are the mediums and the dies that I used: 

I think my mojo's back and I wanna keep it for awhile hehehe  :):):) 

isn't it ironic

Spent the weekend in an awesome retreat, having full expectations that I'm fully charged for the battle of the real crazy life ahead.... but a few hours after we got home, I had a fight with dear hubby :( and it's the very first fight concerning guess-what?

my hobby :(

He has never complained before. Ever. Until last night. Because he was packing for a week's trip to Canada and I never lifted a finger to help him :(

Because I was making this ...

And I was so upset about the whole thing. and one thing led to another .... but I thank God because we are ok now.  He even promised for a movie date when he gets back :)

But i still feel guilty that it was so difficult to finish the project... and when i finally finished it I didn't like it. Looks so unhappy no matter how I try to embellish, stamp: "hope your day shines", used "inspire" die-cut, add mediums... it looks so distressed, and not so inspiring. Like how I really feel inside. Arrrgh! This too shall pass. Tomorrow will be better.

Echo Park Springtime!

... just some sneaks of an upcoming 'baby shower' private class at American Club! :)

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Club Ck Feature

flavor of the month

I've been loving yellows and greens in my projects lately... sharing 2 cards I made for sisters-in-law Bing and Yang :)

I did some punching, stamping, embossing, misting. Added  flowers and resins, ribbons and buttons...  i hope they like it :)