8 years ago...

I got married to Benjo Rulona. May 31, 2003 *flash back with Jim Brickman music* it hasn't been an easy life. For people closest to us, they know we are happily married. Blessed. But we have struggles. Major ones. The hardest struggle is having a child with special needs (that would be a different story, I will blog about it when the right time comes, ok?) But all in all, we are very blessed. It's because of the 3rd person in our love triangle.

God has been our first love. When trouble comes, we look up to HIM. Not immediately all the time. For there are times we falter. But sometimes, even when we fail to be faithful to Him, He is always there to rescue us. He has done so many miracles in our life. I can only look forward to many more challenging and happy years with my family, without fear, knowing that we have a mighty and loving God, taking care of everything!

So as remembrance of our 8th year,  I made this special present for Him and Benjo... A book containing not just photos of our guests, but precious memories of our family, friends, loved ones who witnessed our union and were one with us in sealing our love triangle with God. Can't thank them enough!

Here's a slideshow of what's inside.... 

Happy 8th anniversary Baby! I love you very much! :) 

bar code strips challenge

Long before I heard this challenge, I have been collecting these cute American Crafts bar code strips! They are so cute and useful! So thrilled to finally have the motivation to play with it =) so with the help of my favorite Sizzix die,  I made some gift boxes using confetti bar code strips as "ribbon"...

Happy Monday! =) 

life is wonderful

... because I'm in my favorite room, with two noisy cuties who just wouldn't leave Mommy alone, but strangely I like it. In fact I was able to finish some tasks despite their noise, constantly getting my attention. One minute I was stamping the next minute we were already having a masquerade ball ...

Here's a birthday  card for  a friend. Happy birthday Momi Marge! May God bless you more! You are such a simple, kind, sweet friend. I hope to see you soon...

paper: prima (botanical collection)
die: Sizzix
punch: Martha Stewart
stamp: Fancy Pants
ink: versa fine, versa mark-water mark
embossing powder: Ranger
sculptured flower: Donna Downey/Prima
pen: sharpie

i heART echo park!

I love Echo Park so much. It's simple.  It's happy. It's refreshing. It's fresh. Just what the world needs right now! I remember  once, it was the eve of my 36th birthday,  I wrote an open letter to Madison Park, shamelessly declaring my wish to be his company's design team. Lol! To my surprise he replied (see his reply on the comment section of my post). I couldn't believe It! Even until now. It may just be one fellow with nothing much to do lol. But if it really was him, then I know why EP is so successful and so loved by scrappers around the world. Because the owner himself is so down earth, taking his time to reply to his humble fans like me :) 

ME:  Should I give it a try? *grin* 
YOU: Go! There's no harm in trying.
ME: What if I don't make it?
YOU: You try again next month.
ME: lol! 

Okay, kidding aside, I wanna share 3 projects I designed using my most favorite: A Walk in the Park. It's very versatile and so fun! 

... For this wall inspiration, I used Donna Downey stamp, Sizzix "inspire" die, 
buttons and my own handwriting :) 

... mini cards :) 

... boxes for?
a. birthday gift
b. party favor.
c. thank you gift
d. valentine 
e. "just because" gift! 

There you go guys... Thanks for looking and I hope you had fun looking at my projects :)
 See more HERE

Wordless Wednesday: me time :)

thankful tuesday: haircut

For the longest time, 3 years to be exact, Kuya didn't want a barber to cut his hair. He would protest with all his might. It's because he has some sensory issues with scissors, clippers and an unfamiliar person touching his hair. There's only one and only person who could ever do the job --- Mommy. In all fairness to me, he looked good in the past 3 years (or so I thought!). We got used to it.  Even Miguel followed the trend. Mommy does the boys hair. Until we saw Junior League @ ToysRus! I figured, the kids might like it there coz of the toys surrounding them, the TV screen showing their favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the balloons, lollipops and stickers!

True enough, Kuya loved it! Was teary eyed seeing him sit still, with little protest but so manageable that Aunty Wenda kept telling me he is a very good boy (and handsome the nth time). What a big surprise that was, Kuya! You made Mommy and Daddy so happy :) 

Miguel's protests were stronger than Kuya! (But of course, it was his FIRST!) But some explanation and a little bit of bribing, he complied and sat on the chair. He cracked us all up when he called our attention saying: "I want lollipop!" Maybe he thought: Since Kuya had it, lollipop must be part of  the process lol *See photos*

Another bonus was the very kind and sweet Auntie Wenda who did all her best to make my boys feel comfy. She's heaven sent. Plus, hubby and I couldn't help being so amused seeing our two boys in green hair and glitters! Super cute! =) That day was really unforgettable. Will definitely miss wearing my "barber" hat but what can I do? Boys grow up. They need a "real" haircut. lol!

Thank You Lord! =)

great weekend CHECKLIST

For me,  having a great weekend means being able to... 
  • be with my boys
  • clean house
  • cook yummy Filipino dish 
  • drink fresh fruit shake done by hubby
  • go to church
  • do some crafts
  • go to the nearby park
  • take lots of photos
  • listen to music
  • dance
  • watch TV
  • clean house
  • spend nothing :)

I did all those! Thanks to hubby for saying no to my suggestion of going to the mall. Coz I know if we did, I won't be able to happily post and brag about how great my weekend was! Nothing beats the feeling of having a simple, quiet, uncomplicated "country life" (just pretending we're in a country setting okay?). 

One of the blessings of our current location is this beautiful park just across our block. It was drizzling so we brought umbrellas. The kids enjoyed the playground, the sand, the "hepopopomes" according to Migs. It was fun! Thanks to dear hubby for taking the nice photos!

Here are the cards I made using Sizzix tag die, and embossing folder... these cards are for sale HERE


There's no better way to spend "the last day" than say a prayer, to cook a sinful pork meal, dance with hubby and kids in a total of 10 tracks (making them so tired they all sleep) and scrap, most definitely!

This is my "last" layout...

Love this photos so much. It was one candid moment in our bedroom. Naptime. Tickle time. Cuddle time. We do that daily. And when in times I'd forget to have that moment. The little one would say, "Mommy, I want to yab yab (love love) on the bed!" Oh so precious precious everyday moment I will never ever get tired of doing. 

Used toy box and neighborhood collections from crate paper (my latest paper crush!) and to make those heart and star shapes, I used this die:

Do I really think it's the end of the world? Who knows? It could be today. Tomorrow. Next year. Next decade...  I don't really make a big fuss out of the prediction. It could happen anytime. To anybody. That's why I always try to remind myself to choose to be happy each day. To capture each ordinary but genuine moments. To choose  time with family and loved ones over earning more money. I am not saying I have perfectly done it. I falter at times. But it helps to try and try. Little by little. In God's grace. Because only through Him are all these things possible.

But really, though I try to live as if it's my last,  I don't think it's my last day today :D and so I was just joking when I said it's my last layout :D

Hugs to you XOXO :)

finally friday video: Groom My Room

Started this day very early. Walked to the train station with hubby. Took the train with hubby.  Enjoyed the train ride with hubby. Had fun in class. Bought the papers I have been wanting to buy. Went window shopping at Spotlight and Daiso. Ok I bought a few things. Ate alone at Mo's Burger. Felt guilty because I ate at Mo's burger. Went home. Cuddled with my two chubby cheeked boys. Watched Hailey say goodbye to American Idol...blah... blah.. blah...

What was I saying? I am actually lost. lol. I think I wanna have some wine. While I watch this video taken by hubby while I was on TV!!!! Did you hear that? *proud grin* :D


More photos HERE :) 


Pink bed... pink blanket... pink chair... pink bag... pink manicure set... pinkkkkkk! That's what you can see in her room. You wouldn't believe it when I tell you how old she is (peace Dit! hahaha) because her room is fit for a debutante... a princess. So I think this lamp I altered is just perfect for her.

Showed this to her via skype earlier today and Im so happy she loves it! Even said this is by far the best present I have ever made haha! Thanks to Sizzix for the flowers, cage dies.

Happy birthday manghud! I love you dearly... Thank you for always being there for us. Anytime. Anywhere =) 

Is MOTHERS DAY necessary?

For the past years, I really make a big deal out of special days like these. But lately (maybe it's really like this when you get older? Wiser?) I feel like it doesn't really matter. EVERYDAY should be mothers day, birthday, Christmas day.... all the special days that we can think of. Somehow I understand those who say, all these special occasions are just "marketing strategies" of this worlds capitalists.... consumerism in other words.

Life is too short. I believe it is so sad to think that we need to wait for another mothers day to tell our mothers we love them. Who knows if I am still alive tomorrow? It's a cliche but I want to always remember to live my EVERY day as if its my last. So help me my God!

Nevertheless, I still, somehow like mothers day :) so I made these layouts {using Echo Park's Life is Good papers} to honor my  two lovely mothers...

HE is because she is: "You'll know she's the best mom, because he is the best dad and husband"... I always say this, over and over, how blessed I am to have her as my mom-in-law.  So supportive, so understanding, so kind of her affirmations for me. She never gives me a hard time! She respects me as her son's beloved :) She's the coolest...  I love her!

GIRLS just wanna have fun: "Dearest God, If I had my way, I want more kids, more girls... It's more fun, more help when needed, more laughters and tears... most of all, more gifts on mothers day =)" ... I love this photo taken at our home in Bacolod on New Year's Eve... mother complied to our "arte" pouty glam pose hahaha! I love my mother so much. I just want her to be happy always... 

Mothers day tags made of American Cratfs Abode line... so cute are these little cups, saucers and laddle prints! {inside the boxes are my special moist brownies}

One thing that made this day special this year, is that we spent the whole day with our community for a monthly convivence. And I had goose bumps upon listening to the random gospel chosen for the day. It was about the two mothers Mary and Elizabeth. It felt like Jesus was celebrating with us! Awesomeness!

Ordinary scene but sweet moment preserved in our cam: walking towards our block after alighting bus 961 =) 

And our way of celebrating mothers day: PIZZA! We don't usually do this as we think it's expensive than home cooked meal. lol but the boys ate so much! Kuya kept on asking for more. It looks like we are gonna do this often. Di kabayran =)

Now, to answer my post's title: Is mothers day necessary? I believe so... It is very necessary. Everyday. 

finally friday! video and a shout out!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Made With Love for opening another "heaven" for scrappers in Indonesia! Look what they have prepared for all scrappers out there.... a grand opening celebration workshops by none other than international scrappers we all love... 

And for a "finally friday video"  tradition I am starting now... here's a video treat... especially dedicated to my boys' grannies: Lolopapang, Lolamamang, Mommyla and Daddylo who's watching from heaven. Frankly, I was grumpy earlier this morning but seeing these videos made me feel a bit better :)

Video 1: Kuya seldom dances. So when he did the other day while we were in Orchard (one of his favorite places, thus the happy mood), we were all so happy and I am glad I had my cam ready! 

Video 2: The queue was insanely long, it was raining, but this little fella was excited to go to gymboree. I tried to negotiate with him if we could schedule gymboree next time but he insisted to go and was even so proactive by trying to get a cab! lol! 

That's all folks!  Let's DECIDE to have a good day! :)

Miguel's Baptism Scrapbook & Guest Book

Finally! After more than a year of on and off attention to this special project, I finished Miguel's baptism scrapbook!  A 33-page 8x8 album documenting our angel's very special day. Thank you to all our family, friends, especially his godparents who shared that day with us. Thank You Lord for giving us our little hero!

Thank you for looking! :) 

happy birthday Dulcinea Badilla!

She's the youngest of the 5 of us her siblings. She loves our parents to death.  She is crazy for her nephews and nieces. She loves us all --- her family and vice versa. Today is her birthday so most definitely I shall have a wish for her... Now let me think... She's got the body, the brains (just passed the board as a Criminologist! Congrats!), the money (?), the career she loves, she has almost everything. Except a husband. There! hahahhaha!

So my wish and my prayer for you my dearest sister is that you may find time to attend Word and Eucharist and seek Him, listen to Him, tell Him what you need to tell Him... who knows amo na ang ginahulat ya para maka siguro sya ng Sya gid ang una sa imo heart... the He will tell 'someone'  to ask you to marry him and you will say YES. Hahahhaha. You know naman si Lord kis-a somekinda jelling2 :)

*for my international friends, pardon me for talking in a language only me and my sisters understand. I feel it's best to speak in that manner so she really gets my message lol

Happy birthday manghud! Love you much! Mwah! :)

... Ikea frame + prima stash + color room inspiration = something special!

from Kuya...

from Miguel...