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Hi! In the middle of packing for our trip... then suddenly I realized I will be away for almost a month... quite a long time to be away from my little haven, which I share with my kids...  So I grabbed my camera and took some photos...

... at least I can just take a peek at my blog and  see it once in a while! =) 

Echo Park {take two!}

I'm again shouting out my love for this paper. Even though I was not picked the last time I tried *sniff* but I won't give up! Bring it on, Mr. Madison! :D

Here goes...

#1 Lazy Day.... fun in the sun! (2-page layout)

 Made this 2-page layout for my LSS,  Made With Love. The journaling says: "There's nothing better than spending a lazy weekend by the beach, building sand castles, just being with each other!"

... made my own embellishments using Sizzix dies: heart for frame, and circle for the sun. Just added the rays using copic markers.

... a technique to share: make your own washi tape by coloring ordinary masking tapes with Copic markers. So fun to make! :) 

paper: Echo Park Splash/ Dots and Stripes
alphas: AC
stamps: AC
dies: Sizzix
markers: Copic and Sharpie
others: dew drops, buttons, masking tape


#2 Lazy Days... Happy Days! (mini-album)

This album, showcasing EP's Summertime collection, is actually my class sample for a workshop I teach at Made With Love. Course is finished so I am now allowed to show the entire thing... In this class, I taught how to make a flower accent using a stapler, give texture to a frame using crackle paint, and make a mini accordion album inside the album.

paper: Echo Park Summertime
dies: Sizzix
mediums: Claudine Hellmuth, Ranger
others: twine, dew drops, buttons, rings, chipboards


#3 Im Coming Home (travel album) 

Going on a family vacation to my hometowm soon, so I made this scrap-as-you-go album for me to record, scrap all the keepsakes I would collect along the way... in one month! How exciting is that?

Inspired by the very talented Pooi, I made these washi tape flower. This time, it's not a real washi tape. It's just an ordinary masking tape, stamped and colored with Copic Markers :) 

The album is a work in progress as from today until our vacation is over so for now it's basically blank, with envelopes containing some journaling cards which I think Im gonna need :)

... stickers

... lots of blank pages which will house photos of friends and family we will meet! *can't wait!*

... buttons are a must-have! 

... some spare papers

... more plain papers and little frames.

paper: Echo Park A Walk in the Park/Dots and Stripes
cardstock: AC
others: chipboards, ribbons, buttons, rings

Now I just need a polaroid. But in case my hubby reads this, I wanna make it clear, it's just me and my wishful thinking, ok? hahaha!

Now, It's the end of this post. Shall I click publish? Swallow my pride in case I won't make it again? What the heck, I enjoyed making these anyway. That's what really matters :)

Thanks for looking! Off I go now to shop supplies for my next class. What's it gonna be? I can't tell for now. But I'll leave you with a clue: "Country Drive" :):):) Bye!!!

happy fathers day!

Made this mini book with little pockets for my munchkins' Daddy... 

 It seems to me he liked the treats {coupons} inside those pockets! :D

For my father, Papang... he only gets to pick one ... bwahahaha!

It's ok Pader coz I'm sure you will love this...

Happy fathers day Papang, BB, my brother Jong, brother-in-law Reneii...
 to all the Dads in the world...
and most of all to our Father in heaven! 

sweet stuff

Some stuff I made the past days... 

Thank you for your pretty face Mikay. Finishing this page is a no-brainer :)

A mini book and a card... Imaginining myself teaching my sisters make these ... maybe soon. 

A little gift for my friend's new born, Ethan...

... still in the midst of life's roller coaster. Trying to be brave and good. Difficult life I tell you. But I bet it's not gonna be that long --- soon I will see the rainbow :) God loves me. 

10 things i love

  1. Miguel asking me: "Are you ok Mommy?" when he saw me lie down quietly, in a deep thought.
  2. Seeing my sister so giddy with her new-found interest. Fashion accessories.
  3. Tuesdays With Morrie. With so much to do and 2 active munchkins, I can only read a few pages a day. But I love it. In fact I wish I'd never end reading it. So inspiring. (Can you suggest an inspiring good book for me?)
  4. Layouts and little projects I made.
  5. Excitement. Is it really possible to make 20 layouts in 3 hours? Will see tonight after my class.
  6. Cheese tofu.
  7. Kuya can write a lot of letters already! My goal is for him to be able to write his own name and all the letters of the alphabet :) Makes me so happy every night after dinner, when he himself would wait in his study table for our tutorial :)
  8. Photos of our handpainted fabrics I took yesterday. 
  9. Anticipation of July.
  10. Those 3 guys in the photo.

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

a better day

Thanks to those who left warm comments. Feeling a little better today. Reading Tuesdays With Morrie helped. For those who haven't read the book yet, better do. Will make you realize so much about life --- and death.

These photos make me smile. My very special batchoy so engrossed with my stamps + tim holtz ink... future stamper? :)


I know these things are just fleeting. They are not the ones that will give me lasting happiness.... but with some stressful and tiring family hullabaloo back home (as if I don't have my own cross and a million concerns too) I am honestly tired. Trying my best to feel ok.

I wish I could just focus on the positive and happy and selfish and worldly stuff being DT? Thank  you Creative Scrappers for making me part of the team (and sorry I had to announce in such a foul mood... I hope I can make it up to you) *sigh

... and thank you so much American Crafts! My goodies for winning the challenge arrived (smile a bit but thinks about problems and frowns again) *sigh

It means, these things can't take those problems away. 
I know what can but too negative to do anything :(

what i missed

Last night while I was out with my scrapping friends and hubby was out with his kodakero friends....

Thanks Mae! Great job! :) 

i dream of this

Crafters who meet often and have so much FUN.... 

*photos from Etsy.

life less ordinary

This time of the month is my least favorite time. All women will know why. I just have this huge hate with my pms. It makes me a monster. Worst, the monster feels awfully guilty after every monster-act. Just like how I scolded my 5 year old for trying his best to make me NOT do this layout while I was so EXCITED to finish everything. I snapped. Felt guilty. Put this aside. Played with him. Trampoline. Tunnel. Then I gave him my ipad (as peace offering). Now he is happily playing.... I'm happily blogging. But I can't tell how many minutes this good mood is gonna last *sigh* A friend tweeted me last night to pray the rosary. Her twin suggested I'd exercise. I resolve to do both today. God is my refuge. All the time.

Color room pallete #61 and Creative Scrappers sketch #159  inspired me to make this layout. The color palette is just perfect fot my already-printed photo! This layout tells of how grateful I am of the less-ordinary life God gave me. Even if there are days like this, He never fails to make me realize He is constantly on my side. His blessings and love over powers all bad days combined. 

...used my  doily stamp, MS puncher, and recycled butterflies using prima packaging and added some stickles.

... cut a bird cage, used it for masking, used 3d flower die to make these roses using prima pps, and the center bling was given by Mamang from the Philippines. 

... can you see the cracks courtesy of rangers crackle paint? 

paper: prima
dies: sizzix
punch: MS
crackle paint: ranger
glimmer mists: TA
stamp: bridal stamps (kodomo) & fancy pants

That's all for now! So far good mood is still here... I think next to prayer and exercise, scrapping (provided my son has my ipad) helps me get over these least favorite days =) we'll see!