Happy arrival Chantal Reese!

Our congratulations to Dexter and Ingrid Duremdes for finally, they now have a little princess. Chantal Reese is such a wonderful blessing for the family, coming fourth after her three older brothers Keith, Josh and Bradd. After seeing her and how her brothers adore her, I can't help but imagine and somehow wish for such a blessing to come to us too! Who knows? =)

Made this diaper cake using Sizzix of course :)

everyday is...

Mothers Day! 

Now that's a good excuse for me not having to finish these altered frames in time for mothers day. Another follow up excuse is because my son got sick and I got sick. And life got in the way. It would have been perfect if I made it earlier, and posted it on time. But I didn't. That got me a little frustrated.

But I know our moms don't care that much. They love us no matter what. They are patient of our shortcomings. They are happy with anything we give. Anytime. And even if we don't and we can't.  They are the President of our Fans Club. They are the bestest of our friends. 

With that, our moms deserve a mothers day treatment. Everyday. 

So it doesn't matter if these frames are late. Today is mothers day! Happy Mothers Day Mamang and Mommy. We love you both so much :) 

frames: TPC "Beyond the Page" 
paper: Websters Pages, Prima
cardstock: American Crafts
butterflies: Prima
flowers: Sizzix, Prima
mediums: Ranger Crackle Paint, TA Glimmer Glaze
others: wash tapes, dew drops, buttons, trims, laces

the lost and found bag


He never forgets that day when I accidentally  brought his water bottle to work. And every now and then he reminds me not to do that again. Having his water bottle with him to school meant so much to him. 

Can you imagine how he felt when he lost his bag?  He left it in the bus. Okay, I'm the Mom here I should be the one looking after my 4 year old guy and his bag. But it happened. I'm so used to the fact that he  takes charge of his precious little blue school bag every day when we go to school...

He cried and cried like it was the only thing in the world for him. It was painful to look at. As parent it is painful to see your child in so much pain, coming to terms with a loss.  I remember my first experience of losing something. A wallet. It was awful. So I was in panic seeing him shout "My bag! Mommy my bag!" while seeing the bus drive away. I literally ran after the bus for a few seconds, not for the bag because it was just a bag but because of my son feeling so bad about it. Until I realized, this could be a blessing in disguise. 

So I tried to keep him calm. We sat down. I wiped his tears, I made a phone call, and we talked...

Me: Baby, we lost your bag and Mommy is sad. We can pray to Papa Jesus. He will help us, Okay? 
Miguel: Okay. *still crying* 
Me: We will wait for the bus and ask Uncle driver if he found it. If not, Daddy will buy a new bag for you.
Miguel: But I want my blue bag. It has Miguel on it. 
Me: We will make a new name tag for your new bag. A nice name tag with lots of stickers. 
Miguel: *silent* 
Me: If we can't find it, it means another kid will find it (thinking maybe lost and unclaimed stuffs go  to Salvation Army or something)  and maybe that kid has got no bag so he will be happy to find your bag. Is that okay with you?
Miguel: *silent and no more tears*
Me: So let's wait...
Miguel: Let's wait for the bus TIB1184 and it has a D. 

The bus came.... with plate no. TIB1184D and we found the bag! We said thank you to the driver and went back to his school continuing our conversation...

Miguel: I found my bag! Uncle gave me my bag! *so very happy*
Mommy: So we can thank Papa Jesus now for helping us find your bag, for the honest person who handed the bag to the driver, and the kind and helpful driver who taught us what to do.
Miguel: *making sign of the cross* Papa Jesus, thank you for helping me find my bag!

I love that moment at the bus stop. Miguel learned the values of trusting God, of acceptance, of being kind to the needy, of praying for help and praying for thanksgiving. And as a bonus, he experienced the joy of finding something that was still meant to be his. 

And I also learned something. It spoke to me about letting go, of detaching from the things of this world... I haven't been scrapping much lately because I realized it has become my "idol" I was becoming too attached to it that I don't have time for the simple but important things anymore... It made me think of letting go of some ambitions which I believe won't matter anymore someday when I'm old and gray... when I die. The things that will matter most is not the fame, or how many  nice papers or stamps and dies I have, or how many DT stints I had... the thing that will matter the most is whether I am happy... happy not because I have all the things I want and need but because I know how to accept it when I don't have everything....and most importantly, if the people around me are happy with me. 

So I am grateful for that precious little blue school bag... lost or found. 

new class!

I want to say THANK YOU to all of my scrapper friends, old and new, for signing up to Noteworthy. Last month's classes were all full! I hope my new class will be received the same way :) Can't wait to see who's gonna be there!

Print out those adorable instagram photos and make each story behind known to all by making a 6x6 book using products from Maya Road, 7 Gypsies, Simple Stories and many other cool goodies plus learn fun and cool techniques of making recycled embellishments that include making washi out of an ordinary masking tape! There will be lots and lots of stamping too! 

Click here for all the other cool workshops offered at Made With Love this May.