note to self: stay you

This week at Made With Love, we are assigned to work on a "then and now" theme. So here's a layout about me... the baby me and the mommy me :) I want this layout to remind me of my roots... of how I used to be.... of how I should be no matter how much the world and the people around me have changed. 

As a child, according to my mother, I was really nice and polite. And growing up, I remember myself to be sweet, thoughtful, friendly, caring... optimistic, hopeful, always inspired, thankful and happy! Or at least I thought I was like that. I always wanted to please my loved ones. I can't stand it if someone is feeling bad or sad. I would do everything to make everyone around me smile. Because I am like that. I smile even when I'm hurt. Hoping in my heart that tomorrow will be better. I decide to be happy in my sorrows, believing that I have a God who takes care of everything. Smile. Laugh. Even in bad days, I can blog about it and end my posts with happy thoughts. 

But then... 

Failed attempts to please others, fake friendships, life's disappointments, hurts ... led me to brace myself and be someone I don't like. Tough.  Dry. Indifferent. Unconcerned. Selfish. Self-absorbed. Hypocrite.  Because the world seems to find this cool as opposed to the "corny" personality I used to have. Oh how wrong I was. I was not always happy being like that...

Why should I let these negative events dictate me to be a monster. Call me corny, call me weird, call me uncool. Alright. But I don't want to be a bitchy monster... but to be honest I  think I already am :(  I miss the old me. 

So this 12x12 layout will be displayed on my desk to remind me in my journey back to uncool nice-ness. God I'm gonna need help haha! 

Used a mix of papers from Lilly Bee and My Mind's Eye, embellishments from my stash,  and a "stay you" cutout with the help of my Eclips. You may wonder why I kind of covered my (baby) face with the title. There is actually an explanation to that. See this photo?...

... look at the pen mark on my nose ( I believe one of my siblings did that. When we were small, we would ruin each other's photos when we had fights! LOL! ). I don't know how to photoshop (it's an item on my bucket list so maybe soon ok) so I couldn't think of any way to cover that up so, cover-with-the-title it is! :) 

(By the way, I noticed how much I like to make side comments on my sentences using open and close parenthesis. Have you noticed too?! lol!) 


... the longer I scrap, the more I realise that I am not a medium-type scrapper. But I am still in denial. I still want to believe I can play with mediums (hahaha !) So there, I sprayed the title with Mr. Huey's clear shiny mist. hmmmn. Looks ok to me :) 

Hope you enjoyed (and was not bored to death by) my very honest post :) Till next time! 

Love, Gen :)

simple but not empty

That's how I describe by life these days. Simple. So near to Him.
  • Home most of the time. Enjoying the house that is at times messy but on good days, so neat and clean. I just love a clean and a good smelling house filled with simple stuff, most of them white.
  • Playing with the boys, mostly tickling and laughing out loud. 
  • Able to play with my guitar more. I am currently learning "How Lovely are Your Dwelling Places" one of my favourite songs  in the community =)
  • Watching movies with my love over a cheap red wine.
  • Spending quiet time with myself and my crafts. Making thoughtful gifts and cards such as these... 

... a gift box for Kuya's Case Manager/Social Worker in school.

... a simple birthday card for an officemate's friend. 

Click here if you want to order customized cards, gift boxes and scrapbook projects. Have a great week! 

Gen :) 

mahal mahal kita

I love you too, Miguel! What better way to preserve this precious letter from you than to make a scrapbook layout and blog about it ... 

I remember that day when my PMS was at it's highest I think.  I secretly cried at work because Mae,  kept on posting photos of Miguel's letters for her and photos of the boys playing at home. What? I used to be the  one doing that? That's my job! I got so jealous and hated the fact that I'm a working mom. I missed those stay-at-home days, but more than that, I feared that my kids will adore Mae more than me! Poor insecure mom... 

Then, when I got home, he gave me this! I cried again... LOL! I realised, I will always be his mommy, and no matter how many letters he makes for Tita Mae, I shouldn't feel sad, in fact, I should be happy that while I was away,  he and Kuya are with someone they love and trust... Thank God for Mae :) 

Okay, enough of the drama! LOL! Here are some close ups: 

... have you seen this scissors from Martha Stewart? Used it to make this paper fringe. Super cool!

... at the top right portion of my page, is a little envelope holding my reply to Migs :) 

... these photobooth shots are perfect for the page, they are small enough, so they never steal the limelight from my son's cute hand writing which is the star of the whole layout! 

notebook & pen

Why do I have to go through this?
Like every month?
Cry in the toilet for no apparent reason? (Okay, there was actually one but I won't tell you now coz really, it's no biggie...)
Eat Mcflurry everyday for one week? 
Skip workouts. 
Skip prayer times.
Be negative. 
Be very negative about everything.
Feel like sh*t for being negative about everything. 
Be in hell. 
Every month. 
Every single month. 
PMS. You are my worst nightmare. 

But thank God I woke up. 
With prayers. Lots and lots of prayers.
Minute by minute struggle to be up. 
Conscious effort to mentally count blessings. 
And that one trip to Popular to get this notebook and pen: 
Yes. A new notebook is almost always my 'big hug' whenever days are gloomy. I decorated it with stickers, wrote my thoughts on the first page, doodled some good things, plans to look forward to...  and voila, instant smile on my face!

I wonder, do you ever feel this way? Please say yes so I'll feel better completely. lol.

XO :)