I know iphone 5 is out but I also know that all the iphone 4/4S that Apple made are still alive... and there are many of them! So it is not too late for me to sell these pretty handmade case and backings... Especially that I am selling these for a good cause. 

100% of the sale will be given to my sister's BFF and band mate who is fighting breast cancer. So please buy! It's also a nice present for someone you know who owns an iphone :) Please click here for the details and more designs. Thank you so much! :)

Thoughtful Crafts Monday!

Spent my weekend mostly watching TV while making these... handmade eye candy as requested by my son's teacher! Do let me know if you would like some too :) 

More of these here. Thank you for looking! 

inexpensive children's day present

Had fun creating these apple cards by die-cutting and stamping! The only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that I ate 4 packs of oreo during the whole process. Sigh. But that and  sleeping late are so worth it especially after hearing my son mentioning this in his bedtime prayer last night =)

... they can keep the card after they gobble up a pack of oreo =)

So there... my something cheap and simple idea! Because thoughtfulness need not be expensive. What is important is this simple gesture will teach our kids the value of caring for and appreciating others.... Happy Children's Day kiddos! =)

EXTRA: Husband read this post and he asked why I chose apple and how is it related to oreo. (Seriously? Do I really need to explain? LOL!) So my truthful  answer to him is: "Because this apple shape is the only die I can find that is kid-ish, unless of course if you are willing to buy me a new one that related to oreo? hehehehe"

facebook status

"It's weekend! Nothing urgent on my planner. Boys are peacefully playing. Hubby's busy shooting with pals. It's raining (love!).  What to do? =)"

That was my FB status last weekend. I love to post about happy thoughts. About good things that inspire me and fuel me to go on despite life's challenges. Because life, though imperfect, is good and worth living. Especially if we have learned to accept and carry our cross gracefully. Joyfully. With pride. With peace.

Because only then, can we appreciate the rain... 

And as for me, it is only then when I can pick up my guitar and sing praise!  

... and scrap! 

... and blog! 


... It's my first time to make an art journal! With the help of Crate Paper, I enjoyed it and thinking of creating some more =) 

Hosting a challenge at United Scrappers using this project. Check it out!