beach side breakfast and more ...

Yesterday, husband and I  were so dead tired. It was a happy kind of tired though. If being tired is always that kind, I never mind getting tired everyday =)

Did I just type 'tired' 4 times? That sounds like a tongue twister. lol.

Okay, back to why we were tired. We woke up when it was still dark to prepare for Kuya's birthday. He dislikes parties so we opted for a family breakfast at Sentosa. Hotdogs. Cupcakes. Eggs. He didn't say much but by the way he smiled, laughed, ate, swam, played, hugged, kissed, jumped, ran... I was convinced HE LOVED ALL OF IT. 

Us: time to blow the  pretzel  candle!
Yang: time to pose for my cover photo :D


Autism + Happiness. Yes please. 

 Chocolates and Cupcakes. All you can eat!
Miguel: Oh yeah!

Need I say more? :) 

 Dear God. Thank you for our family. Please add a baby girl soon okay? hahaha! :) 

Oh say mo sa green tube top. Color of the year!
Don't tell ha. Ukay-ukay na. lol! 

After the swim (which took longer than planned because the boys didn't want to stop) we had to rush home in time for their (afternoon) classes and prepare for another birthday surprise for him: cupcakes and goodies for classmates and teachers delivered by Daddy and Mommy! He was so happy we fetched him :) 

When we got home. Hubby and I had to prepare to go out again for church. Our celebration was so touching and timely. I held back tears a few times being touched by songs and readings. I Thanked God for giving us Kuya in our life.... for his budget-friendly but super memorable birthday that everyone enjoyed.... I also prayed for my mother who is in the hospital. I felt peace knowing He is in charge and that He allows everything for a reason. 

It's really awesome to be this close to God. Feels like being in heaven while still alive. 

A life less ordinary...

Dearest Kuya,

Today I am making your blog  public. Beginning today I am going to openly talk about you and AUTISM.  I will be sharing it in my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram! I'll be talking about it the way I talk about scrapbooking... Mommy's gonna be so busy! =)

Why now?

... because gone are the days when I would never stop crying and feeling so devastated about you being different and special.
... because gone are the days when I could never sleep because I needed to research, study, learn and relearn so many things it felt like I was going to school once again (good thing about it, Daddy and I are classmates!)
... because gone are the days when I would be scared of what  people may think about you.
... because gone are the days when I'd become so pissed when they DON'T know a thing about autism yet they talk a lot about it as if they're pros (I know they mean well and I'm grateful for that but ...)
... because gone are the days when I and your Daddy are so busy with so many things for your welfare we didn't have any minute to waste educating others. You were our priority. And I believe we did the
right thing :)

Why now?

... because now, you are so awesome I can no longer keep it to myself and our family and few close friends.  The world must know how cool and sweet and smart and loving and  happy you are!
... because you and your brother whom you love so so much are bigger now and you spend more time at school and I have a little bit more time to be the President of your Fans Club.
... because now, I am no longer crying. I jump for joy celebrating YOU.
... because now, I'm no longer pissed when I meet people who don't know how to say the right words (well sometimes I still do haha) and I have come to realise that to educate these people, there is so much work to be done. I need to stand up, speak up and be an ADVOCATE. For you, and for  so many other beautiful children out there.
... because now, most of the time, I am not that scared anymore.
... because now, I can honestly say that yes, it is possible to have autism and be happy!

Happy birthday Kuya! We love you so much and I can't thank you and the Lord enough for giving you to us. You are my heaven here on earth. I hope you like our gift for you, the balloons the cupcakes and our picnic later... but most of all I hope that you will always have the peace and joy in your heart that only Jesus can give.

{ C  R  E  D  I  T  S }

Thanks to Daddy who has always been my partner-in-crime in everything. Thanks to Miguel,  who helps you say your prayers, helps you with passwords, who shares with you his toys, who understands that sometimes, things are like that because you are "special batchoy" and so he is proud and happy to be called the "super batchoy" who will be there to support and help you through and through. Thanks to Tita Mae, my sidekick in taking care of you,  for being with us since you were 4 months old.  Thanks to your Grannies, Titos and Titas, Ninongs and Ninangs who have shown you love and support all these 7 years...  Thanks to your  Doctors, Teachers, Therapists for their help and care... Most of all, thanks to God who gives us the faith to fight the good fight...for giving us this life that is never ordinary... so full of mystery and surprises!

Card and Tags for Robin's Nest

These pretty little things made me busy the past week. Like, I couldn't do anything else but these. Just kidding :) I think it's pretty normal because it's my very first post for Robin's Nest as a design team member. So it's a mixture of excitement, fun and a bit of stress too lol!


 The card and tag kits I used here are on SALE right now and I have shared some simple tutorials and and detailed photos of my projects HERE. You should go check it out! :) 

Thanks for the visit... and extra thanks in advance if you say "Hi!" at the comments section below :D 
See yah! 
Love, Gen 

what happened to me?

I seem to have already forgotten how to blog. 




(more silence) 

Oh dear. (Not even my own. It's my son's fave expression lately).

I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe something will come out of this brain. 

Goodnight. I miss you all.