we {heart} wednesdays & fridays

I said it before, moments like these are one of those things money can't buy -- time with Kuya. And the more I look at our instagram photo, the more I love it. Makes me hold on to the feeling I had that day. I can't wait for Wednesday, when we can sit on that little happy place at school again. 

... hand written journaling. always works for me!

... two things: gold hearts and "negative" dotted hearts.  I hand cut the hearts  -- a technique I learned from our card-making (childhood) days with my parents :)  

I'm submitting this layout to Lily Bee's Negative Sketch challenge. 

weekend -- i miss you already.

Saturday. Hubby and I checking out the newly renovated Fair Price Finest. It's so nice and cozy.  We got carried away with the ambience that I grabbed a couple of cheese... and had wine when we got home =) 

I think my son sees too much scrapbooking, he made one for his uncle Jong2.  Happy birthday brother! Prayed for you in the Eucharist and ---  we all love you. 

Sunday. Hubby had a Nikon event and Mae went out (off day) with friends. So it was just me and the boys. I wanted to prepare or bake something to make it a bit special. But I have been quite busy these days so I was "unprepared".  As I rummaged through the cupboard I saw cones, but there's no more ice cream. Good thing we got Oreos! Solved =) 

My mind was already set to give the boys my 100% attention so I had no plans to craft that day.  But I don't know .... one cutting let to another LOL! (and surprisingly, the two became so well-behaved and not so kulang-sa-pansin) I managed to make 4 accordion albums in between Mommy duties :)  Thank you for being so considerate boys haha!

So happy with what I made that when Mae got home, I just challenged myself to make more... 

10 cards to be exact =) 

Mothers' Day Blog Hop

Hi! :) Welcome to my blog! Cass, Juanna, Sam and I just decided to do this blog hop to honor our Moms.  My mother and I are not very affectionate and cheesy towards each other but I can't imagine my life without her. When I have a problem, my mother is the one person I go to knowing that no matter what, she will be on my side and will listen to me without judging me.  I miss my mother. She just had her eye operation to remove her cataract so this mothers day is going to be one of her best coz she will be able to read this post with clarity haha! 

And of course this blog hop is also  a fun way of getting to know YOU all!  If you are here by chance, better start this blog hop by following this order: 

           Genevive (that's me!)

If you came from Cassandra's blog, then you are at the right place. Sit back, relax and enjoy what I have prepared for you... 4 different blank mini albums that can really make Mom smile :) 

I have shared how I made these in my Instagram :) 

Choose and cut papers. (4.5 x 6")

Organize and paste on to chibboard cuts. 

Sand the edges. Punch. Bind (ring). Embellish! :) 
(To learn the details on how to make these, watch out for my workshop soon to be announced HERE)

I will be giving away one (you choose!) of these to one lucky winner (sorry that it is for scrappers in Singapore only). Just follow my blog and leave a comment to get a chance. Comments will be closed on 1 May, Tuesday.

Hope you're having a great time so far! Now it's time to hop on to Juanna's blog :) 

One of the 50 things money CAN NOT buy.

Being at school 15 minutes earlier with Kuya.  This is our happy place in his school.  Stairs. We like it there because  these days, at 1:15 in Singapore, it can be very hot and this spot here is windy and shady :) Yesterday I typed (on my phone) songs he likes and I purposely pause a few times, pretending I forgot, and he fills in the word for me.. After typing the whole song, we both would sing it while reading. That moment was priceless. He loves it -- see the very happy snapshots! 

I know. He needs his own sunglasses already. Haha! 

Later at 8PM :)

sneak peek :)

It's my turn to post at Robin's Nest blog today and I created three simple cards using the really pretty Glitter Sorbet cardstocks. These cards are dedicated to you my blog readers. I am happy to know a few of you *wink wink* I can't believe why you never ever leave a comment! LOL. I would very much love to hear about your thoughts. Please please please let me know you came. It would make my day really! :) 

Here's one of the cards... 

That's right! It's a fun 3D pop-up card! Check all the rest of the cards HERE

Miguel's 5th Birthday

So I told you that I was not ready for him to be a big boy just yet. But here he is at five. A big boy. A happy one.. so I think I should live with that. Haha. 

... blue cupcakes with sprinkles, his idea, check. 

... goodies for classmates, check.

... good job boys! for not touching the icing :) 

... feeling Big Boy and so proud of it!

K1 Daffodil with Ms. Sya

... happy to see him so happy with a piece of cupcake. 


... thank you Ms. Sya! 

... classmates (why do you grow up so very fast!?)

That's just part one of his birthday bash. We will have part two at the beach this coming Sunday. I can't wait for our Summer Picnic! :) 

By the way, Kuya is joining a contest HERE. Please help him win this. You will make him his grandparents very very happy! Thank you in advance :) 

Why I scrapbook :)

He is 5

I remember many friends telling me: "Time will come when your kids won't let you kiss them anymore." I think that happens to me really sooner than I expected. That's what makes this day not entirely a HAPPY day *sob*

It is a very happy day for Miguel, the birthday boy. But not for me as his mom. Because today, I felt how "grown up" he already is. He no longer wants my cuddles and kisses and he seems to be so busy all the time! :(

Like one day, shown in this video, he just suddenly decided he wants to "therapy" Kuya. I was laughing and crying at the same time seeing him interact with his brother! He understands that his brother has autism and has to do lots of therapy to be able to speak more the way he does.. he always has got so many questions about Kuya and I try to answer him as much as I can. Mostly emphasizing the need for him to understand and help his brother. He would nod seriously. But I didn't really expect him to be so responsible this soon!

There. He does his brother's speech and OT. He makes his lists. He plans his day. He knows what he wants. He even wants to have his own facebook (no way!)  AAAARRRGHHHGHH! I am not ready yet. I still want my baby. Sigh. What to do?

... I hope it doesn't look like we forced him to smile in these photos. BECAUSE HIS MIND WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE AT THIS TIME ---> CLASSMATES WAITING FOR THE CUPCAKES. 

Daddy took really nice photos of his birthday in school and with Kuya at home but I feel very tired now so this will do.  Baking his requested blue-cupcakes-with-sprinkles and making his goodies and staying in his school for 6 hours (with his Dad! so we dated too haha) today on top of all the other things is no joke eh?  Will share more photos soon. Goodnight. God is good. 

ThoughtfulCrafts Tuesday: Baby Mini Album

Just finished this 6x6 chipboard ring Baby Mini for a mom client and I enjoyed every bit of it. It is a blank album so New Mommy can just fill it up with baby photos, her very own sentiments and add-ons. 

I played with colors blue, green, yellow and a little bit of red. With very little store-bought embellishments on hand, Sizzix die-cuts came to the rescue! 7 of them all! Sizzix lovers, can you tell what are they? :)

Gotta wrap this now and move on to the next project:  Miguel's 5th birthday. That's tomorrow!

Sembawang Shopping Center + Handmade Book

We are not mall-goers but when we are in the mood, we like going to SSC. First, there's a free shuttle to and fro. Second, the water playground is nice and the boys love playing there. Third, even though this shopping center  is small, it is not always crowded.

Most of the time we go there not to shop, but to play :)

Instead of scrapbooking these photos, I made a story book using cardstock papers and a washi tape:

The boys love it! Thinking of making at least one book each month. This is to make reading more fun for them :)  Because my boys love reading books with their faces on it :)