even in a bad day

I was so shocked to read my father's message on my Facebook wall this morning... telling me that the band barracks where  my sister Che2 and brother-in-law Victor (and another BIL, Reinee) stay burned to ashes. They are all cops and as members of Philippine National Police - Band, that had been their home for many years which explains why my sister is so devastated right now. 

First, that's where she and her husband met. Then they got married. That place was their first home. All the gifts on their wedding day must be there (this one I need to confirm with her). Their photos. Their documents. Her SHOES (she loves shoes!). Her jewelries! I thought of these things the minute I heard about the bad news. I felt really sorry and wished I could hug her and be there for her in her great sorrow for losing all those things she has been working hard for all these years! 

But the next minute, I cried while praying, thanking God for saving my sister's life and though in a painful way, for giving her this opportunity to experience NOTHINGNESS which leads her to see and focus only on what she has right now --- people who love her and people she loves + memories + her FAITH. Things that really matter. I told her that. And I also told her to just detach from those things, for God knows what she needs. She will have everything she needs and even more.

True enough, so many people are extending their help. Some big, some little --- but the best thing about this is the thought, the communion, the peace.  I would give up what I have just to have all these intangible things ---plus the JOY in knowing that I have a God who loves me so all I have to do is relax and let Him take care of everything!

"For the mountains may depart, the hills may be shaken, but my love for you will never leave you and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken, says the Lord who takes pity on you."

So yes, even in a bad day, God is good!!!


Alice Charles said...

So sorry to hear that Gen :(( hope everything will go well and bettet for your sister.

Alice Charles said...

So sorry to hear that Gen :(( hope everything will go well and bettet for your sister.

Genevive Rulona said...

God is mighty.. she is okay no Alice. thank you!