{Mother's Day} suggestions + GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone out there --- don't ever forget 12 May is mothers day. Do something sweet for Mom if you don't want that dreaded "silent treatment" lol.

Seriously, our Moms deserve the best from us everyday of our life but I'm sure she will appreciate even the little things. Like a phone call or an SMS. Or better yet spend time with her over dinner at home. I know it's not possible for all of us. Like my mother is miles away from me so I will just Skype of Facebook chat with her and maybe send her some cash for shopping (that one is a sure win haha!) to make up for the fact that I can't spend time with her in person.

In the case of my friend Grace, whose mom is already in the better place, she wrote a memoir --- a book Lovingly Yours Mom. I have read it and I couldn't put it down - finished reading it in two days. It made me resolve to spend time with my loved ones, so that when the trumpet sounds, I am at prepared, at peace, really ready knowing I haven't wasted my time on the things (of this world) which really won't matter in the end!

Here's more about the book and Grace...

You can purchase the book online as an e-book. It is also available in paperback. Really perfect as mother's day gift! See all the details HERE. 

Now for the AWESOME part... you will get the chance to have this book for FREE! Grace gave me a paperback copy of her book for my followers (and two more for my Instagram and ThoughtfulCrafts followers!Yay!) Here's all you have to do...

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4. Comment on this post. 

Comments close on Mother's Day! 

That's only my first suggestion.. here's more! Make her a handmade card (that will get her to say:  WOW! coz you made it yourself) using these embellishment kits: 

I packed 10 of these. Each pack is beautiful. Unique. See them HERE. And buy now before it's gone :)  
Sharing some simple cards I made using* these embellishment packs.... 

(*some papers used in cards are not included in the kit)

So I hope I have helped you with this post! And make sure you do all the three special steps to enter the giveaway (that sounded like my son's fave show Special Agent Oso!) See you soon! Love, Gen. 


Alice Charles said...

Special Agent Oso, my 3 kids fave TV show also :))

Genevive Rulona said...

Alice, i guess i have been hearing a lot of Agent Oso that even my blog post sounds like one LOL

Genevive Rulona said...
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yyam said...

Really sweet cards Genevive! I'm sure your mother appreciates the cash for shopping! :)

Genevive Rulona said...

yyam, LOL! cashes for mom :)