Alphabet Cookies + Robin's Nest DT + true love exists

I'm trying to make it a habit to cook or bake something special on weekends (and by weekend, I mean Friday, Saturday, Sunday!) So for this weekend it's alphabet cookies, using this recipe

I was surprised it was that easy but then I was also shocked to realize how sinful could 1 piece of letter M get. The amount of sugar and butter we need to make it! Aaaaak! But then again, when I took it out of the oven, and smelled its deliciousness, my knees weakened. Add to that the joy felt when I saw the boys excitement! 

I ate two. Okay three. 

Now these are what I call just-had-cookies kinda smiles! BURP! :)

So that's how my weekend started and it's not even halfway yet, but I've got another great news: I am STILL a designer chick for Robin's Nest! Yehey! Thank you for the trust! I am excited to be designing with new team and some of the returning DTs as well. Full reveal of the New Design Team line up is HERE

Here are some of my favourite creations for Robin's Nest.... 

I'm not done yet! Because exactly a year ago, my youngest sister got married and that made me cry. I cried because I was too happy! Their wedding proved that true love exists! Happy anniversary Che2 and Victor. I love you both to bits! 

Okay. That's all and thanks for reading my long post with lots of exclamation points!!!!

altered notebook | Echo Park

Here's another custom-made notebook for Chrissy.  Last night I was so happy to know she already got these and she loves it!  Yay! 

This time I used the very pretty Country Drive papers from Echo Park. It's a collection from a long time ago. Because it's always quite a challenge for me to use up my favourites. I tend to hoard papers I love for some time before I finally get the courage to slice them into pieces. haha! 

Stitched and white-washed covers, with some washi tapes, twines, buttons, dewdrops from Robin's Nest and alphas from American Crafts

I love notebooks. The one I use currently is my "best friend".  It knows all about my secrets plans. My goals. My thoughts.  If there is a "comfort food" we crave when we are emotionally unstable. I have what I call my "comfort notebook". I'd just find a nice pen, sit in one cozy corner somewhere,  in the living room, in our bedroom, in a cafe (anywhere actually) and I'm fine. 

Do you like notebooks?

altered notebook | American Crafts

A custom-made altered notebook for a lovely lady, Chrissy. I love how easy it was for me to put the collage together using Dear Lizzy's Neapolitan papers from American Crafts

I added the polka dots and stripes MT tapes, Sizzix slide mount diecuts, trims and twine and some sequins for a trendy touch. 

A loser look of the stitching and stamping using acrylic paint. It gives the notebook an interesting texture. 

I've got more altered notebooks here. Check it out! :) 

mood board | Robin's Nest sneaks

Singapore is haze-free! But while I am happy, mostly dancing with joy because we can open our windows now, I am also praying for the people in Malaysia. I heard the haze decided to go visit them. Sigh. 

Okay. It's my turn to post at Robin's Nest today and I shared about how I made five greeting cards using a mood board which I created from my Pinterest cards pin board. Go check out the details HERE! :)

Are you Pinterest-ing? If so, let's follow each other go check out my boards. See yah!

workspace wednesday: business cards

The haze is affecting my brain so I will be brief in sharing with you my DIY business cards... this is such a simple project that you too can do. You may use hearts or flowers or stamped images instead of butterflies. 

Step 1. Punch butterflies.

 Step 2. Machine stitch.

Step 3. Scribble down your details till you hands ache =)
All for the love of handmade! haha 

[To all my friends residing in Singapore, take care you all. Drink lots of water. Wear masks if you need to go out. I hope this haze will leave us soon.]

Father's Day Special

Where did one month go? It's a little more than a month since I posted about  mother's day surprise. Now it's the hubby's turn and did he like it? Let's ask the daddy of the house... 
Benjo: (taking over my laptop) This is one of the most meaningful to date. :) Spent most the time doing the things that is what we are celebrating today.  So touched with the surprise the boys had for me after we got home from church.  Wifey cooked my most favorite cinnamon. :)  I feel so loved. :) Mother Mary's farewell from our home which made us make new friends also made it momentous as well. 
Wow. I never thought he'd actually type hehehe :)  

Here's the cinnamon bread he was talking about. My first time to try it using this recipe. I think it's a bit  over-baked. But he said it's good. I choose to believe him haha!


And here's our photo during the Block Rosary farewell for Mother Mary's image. We woke the boys up. Thus the hairdos :D

[Happy Father's Day Papang!]
God did not just give me a father. He also gave me a PROPHET, a DEFENDER, a FRIEND. Happy Father's Day Papang {Jimmy Abellanosa Badilla} i love you and thank you for fulfilling your mission to pass on your faith to us, your 5 children. Congratulations! hehehehe 

[Happy Father's Day Benjo!]
happy father's day to my son's Daddy Benjo Rulona :) this day at Sentosa is just one of those many days I told myself how blessed our two sons for having you as their Dad. I always see how much you do little and big things for them with happiness, like being with them at the park for biking and outdoor play, taking them out to Mcdo without me, reading with them before bedtime, and yes, giving them a shower on weekends (I have the widest grin everytime I hear you three in the shower with all those shouts and laughters!) even helping them wash when they make no. 2 LOL! I know these are just the little things ... i cant possibly say everything... but the best of all is your being a faithful son to our One True Father, that's the best thing you could ever give to your sons: FAITH. Because between a wealthy, cool and almost-perfect dad and an ordinary, poor and humble but with genuine and deep faith in God kind of Dad, our sons, i believe, would choose the latter. I pray that God will continue to give you the wisdom to carry on the mission he gave you :) Happy father's day not just today but everyday! :)

Adventure Cove Sentosa

The thrilling pipeline plunge, tidal twister, the bluewater waves, the lazy river... what more could you ask for in a water park? (I know, that all of my nephews and nieces were there too!) 

My favorite moments?
  • Kuya not wanting to leave the big waves! I'm the happiest when Kuya does something he really likes, much more when he's the one initiating it.
  • Daddy and Miguel spending time alone at the giant slide. Because he wanted the both of them to be partners that day.
  • Me riding the floater. Alone. Enjoying like a kid. 
  • Hubby and I at the Pipeline plunge. 
  • Mae and I at the Pipeline plunge. 
  • Corndogs! 

Made this layout with NEONS in my mind and Amy Tangerine Sketchbook papers were perfect for my idea. I like that these papers are so fun and cute but not too girly. 

The title is made with a mix of Sizzix Eclips and thickers. I also experimented with masking, painting and embossing with neon embossing powders but I didn't like how it turned out so I tried to cover it up with  washi and paper strips, and finished the layers with machine stitching. Talk about real SCRAP-booking haha!

Inspired by Corrie Jones' see-thru challenge at Two Peas, I covered up the "unwanted' photo (because I printed it with the wrong setting, making it dark, but I didn't want to throw it away) with vellum, sealed it with stitching and splattered with white paint. 

Now, here are the rest of our photos. The very few photos we have (WHY??!!) Because when you're dripping wet and enjoying that much, you tend to choose to ignore the camera :P 

I'm also submitting this to Let's Get Trendy Now 3's neon challenge. I can't get enough of neon nowadays haha! 

workspace wednesday: vellum envelope

Enjoying the last two weeks of my kids' school holidays.  When I don't have to rush everything. Although having them at home the whole time means they can disturb me anytime! haha! 

This father's day card measures 5.5 x 5.5" and it's way bigger than the envelopes  have at the moment (and I feel lazy to make one) so I made an alternative using vellum and twine from Timeless Twine.   What do you think? :)

ThoughtfulCrafts Tuesdays: Father's Day Cards

The moment I got hold Heidi Swapp's No Limits paper collection, I already knew I'd use it for Father's Day. I love how masculine and cool the prints are. So the day for me to use it has come. 

These cards for ThoughtfulCrafts are super easy to make. Just cut papers, paste, stitch, stamp, splatter with paint, add washi, staple, add button. But while doing all these, make sure to JUST. HAVE. FUN. 

Now pick up a pen and write some lovin' thoughts for Dad! 

Inspired by Let's Get Trendy Now 3. Check out the blog for more detailed tips on how you can incorporate stitching on your projects. I myself learned lots of tricks!