Alphabet Cookies + Robin's Nest DT + true love exists

I'm trying to make it a habit to cook or bake something special on weekends (and by weekend, I mean Friday, Saturday, Sunday!) So for this weekend it's alphabet cookies, using this recipe

I was surprised it was that easy but then I was also shocked to realize how sinful could 1 piece of letter M get. The amount of sugar and butter we need to make it! Aaaaak! But then again, when I took it out of the oven, and smelled its deliciousness, my knees weakened. Add to that the joy felt when I saw the boys excitement! 

I ate two. Okay three. 

Now these are what I call just-had-cookies kinda smiles! BURP! :)

So that's how my weekend started and it's not even halfway yet, but I've got another great news: I am STILL a designer chick for Robin's Nest! Yehey! Thank you for the trust! I am excited to be designing with new team and some of the returning DTs as well. Full reveal of the New Design Team line up is HERE

Here are some of my favourite creations for Robin's Nest.... 

I'm not done yet! Because exactly a year ago, my youngest sister got married and that made me cry. I cried because I was too happy! Their wedding proved that true love exists! Happy anniversary Che2 and Victor. I love you both to bits! 

Okay. That's all and thanks for reading my long post with lots of exclamation points!!!!

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