Don't forget!

I was having a really nice morning when my temper failed me (but I won't bore you with the details) and it was almost impossible to smile again. Until I saw this cup on the table -- with a teabag. Obviously, husband had tea, finished, put his cup on the table (instead of  putting it away or better yet washing it. But I swear this isn't the reason why I got pissed. LOL!) 

I always nag when I see cups being just left on the table EXCEPT for this one.  Because it literally made me feel better when I... 

1. refilled the cup with a steaming water. 
2. took a sip. Umm. Chamomile nice!
3. went to the kitchen and took a coaster. 
4. sat down in my happy place for awhile and enjoyed the tea, noticed and appreciated the cool "daddy shirt" prints... 
5.  "Aha! Blog post!" (forgetting for a while about the numerous posts I already have scheduled because once in awhile we just have to share about any-spur-of-the-moment-thing!) 

So here I am posting a reminder that Father's day is on June 16 this 2013. I hope I have helped you with this little reminder. Because you have helped me be in the mood again :) Thank you very much! 

And by the way, I used A Beautiful Mess and Pictapgo to edit the photo above. These two apps are my recent favorite of all! They make my life easy and fun :) Go check it out! 

 Pictapgo filters (there's more actually. these are the only filters that could fit in one iphone screen, you have to scroll like 4 more times!)

 original iphone photo

That's all for today.. I will be back soon with some Father's day cards and mini albums. By the way, I just thought, everyday should be father's day, mother's day, etc day... but then I think it's good to have one special day to celebrate so that gift sellers and card makers like me can earn a living, ya know :P

Have a good mood this weekend! Haha! :)


Josephine Minerva said...

you know im starting to envy how fast and frequent you can blog...i get caught up with lots of things..and we know 'things' spell out 'procrastination' too haha :P

thanks for the reminder post! excited for our 1st Father's Day!

Christy C said...

So I've been trying to decide what to do for father's day... and usually I end up buying something (clothing related). But this year, I'm inspired by you to make something crafty!!! I'll have to share it with you on the blog afterwards :)