Father's Day Special

Where did one month go? It's a little more than a month since I posted about  mother's day surprise. Now it's the hubby's turn and did he like it? Let's ask the daddy of the house... 
Benjo: (taking over my laptop) This is one of the most meaningful to date. :) Spent most the time doing the things that is what we are celebrating today.  So touched with the surprise the boys had for me after we got home from church.  Wifey cooked my most favorite cinnamon. :)  I feel so loved. :) Mother Mary's farewell from our home which made us make new friends also made it momentous as well. 
Wow. I never thought he'd actually type hehehe :)  

Here's the cinnamon bread he was talking about. My first time to try it using this recipe. I think it's a bit  over-baked. But he said it's good. I choose to believe him haha!


And here's our photo during the Block Rosary farewell for Mother Mary's image. We woke the boys up. Thus the hairdos :D

[Happy Father's Day Papang!]
God did not just give me a father. He also gave me a PROPHET, a DEFENDER, a FRIEND. Happy Father's Day Papang {Jimmy Abellanosa Badilla} i love you and thank you for fulfilling your mission to pass on your faith to us, your 5 children. Congratulations! hehehehe 

[Happy Father's Day Benjo!]
happy father's day to my son's Daddy Benjo Rulona :) this day at Sentosa is just one of those many days I told myself how blessed our two sons for having you as their Dad. I always see how much you do little and big things for them with happiness, like being with them at the park for biking and outdoor play, taking them out to Mcdo without me, reading with them before bedtime, and yes, giving them a shower on weekends (I have the widest grin everytime I hear you three in the shower with all those shouts and laughters!) even helping them wash when they make no. 2 LOL! I know these are just the little things ... i cant possibly say everything... but the best of all is your being a faithful son to our One True Father, that's the best thing you could ever give to your sons: FAITH. Because between a wealthy, cool and almost-perfect dad and an ordinary, poor and humble but with genuine and deep faith in God kind of Dad, our sons, i believe, would choose the latter. I pray that God will continue to give you the wisdom to carry on the mission he gave you :) Happy father's day not just today but everyday! :)


trishie said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father and husband! Cinnamon bread sounds absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

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