Don't hold back. Live what you love!

Believe me.
Just go for it.
Papers. Photos.
Memory Keeping.
Making things with your hands and heart and feel very happy about it, making others happy too!
Meeting friends sharing the same passion.
Pretty things.
Just go for it.

If one day you might feel you are not getting anywhere with your passion.  If you feel discouraged. Rejected. Alone. Don't stop.

Just go for it. KEEP GOING. Keep creating for the love of it. Do it  not for others but for yourself. Enjoy the process. Break the rules. Be free. Be happy!
Believe me because I've been there.

I used to just dream about this....
and it is slowly coming true :)

It came true on my last year of being thirty-something! Thank you my dear scrappy friends for being there... you will never know how much you made me happy :)  this won't be the last Xoxo! :) 

a layout... just because :)

Love that I made this layout just for myself. It's not a design team assignment. I'm not submitting it to any challenge. I just made it for me... 

Disclaimer: I'm not that "white" in person LOL! It's just my husband's camera's flash haha! And when I took a photo of my layout using my iphone, my skintone became even whiter! Oh my! :D

... these chipboards where leftover pieces when I cut some chipboard frames. Since triangles are trendy these days, I kept it with this idea in mind :) funny thing is when I should this to my (Engr.) husband, instead of just saying "nice" or "pretty" he asked me: "What are those triangles for?" LOL! 

... the prettiest of all the dewdrops are the clear ones.... don't you think? 
... and can you see my back stitching? :) 

... yeah. I'm happy where I am right now, I hope you are too! :)


I just turned 39 yesterday and although it's a new day now,  I still feel the birthday vibe and these cards I made for Robin's Nest speak volumes of how I want to do right this moment..  I want to give everyone  some BIG BIG HUGS! *A special warm hug for my youngest sis who needs it very much right now*

Check out my DT post today at Robin's Nest blog where I shared how I came up with these minimalist greeting cards. 

And here's sharing with you a peek at my unplanned but super duper happy birthday yesterday ... 

Balloons were my boys' surprise for me... puddings in cups were brought by a friend, Mona who came over to greet me (true friends come even if you don't invite them! haha! Luv u Mon! I'm really touched and I'm very grateful for our friendship!), cake was not part of the plan but Miguel never stopped asking me to make one, so. 

I wished for nothing. Well not really nothing. I just wanted a carefree day with my boys in clean and good smelling house,  Skype with family, a peaceful heart and deeper faith. I got it all and more! Wait. Our house wasn't that clean lol! A house will never be that squeaky clean when you have two growing rascals I guess. 

Highlights of my day (and the days before too!) for memory keeping... 
  • delicious homemade chorizo breakfast 
  • Skype with in-laws
  • Skype with parents
  • chats with siblings 
  • nephew Abe's drawing for me
  • my boys' surprise balloons and birthday poster complete with "lights off" effects haha! Thanks Mae!
  • hubby dear's prank (in fairness! i like it BB hehehe)
  • Sister's honoring (sniff. gotta read it when I feel so useless and down)
  • Father's testimony (surprised... a lot of revelations on how he felt when I was a growing young adult hehehe)
  • JJ's surprise gift :)
  • keeping in touch with friends I have missed a lot
  • a time spent with a great friend Mona (and Leila too!) thanks for bringing the yummy cuppies and the candles! 
  • bike trip with kids, planned by Miguel, that was cut short due to thunder and lightning LOL! 
  • rosary with BB 
Thank you my Father in Heaven for my life.  Thank you Papang and Mamang. My family, friends and community. It was one of my best birthdays ever. And because I believe that everyday should be treated as birthday, with His grace, I intend to make each of my days  just like that. Stress-free, less complicated, but with meaning. Is it possible? It depends if I keep myself guarded with the temptations and chaos of this world. It's a daily battle that I can only win with Him by my side :) 

Botanic Gardens

We found a little piece of heaven that's perfect for...
  • nature tripping
  • picnic 
  • eating home cooked meals
  • playing ball with the boys
  • laughing out loud with sister
  • listening to picnic goers playing guitar
  • watching cute puppies playing chase with their masters 
  • lying on a sleeping bag (next time i'd bring a small pillow though)
  • enjoying so much that you'd think of coming back again. and again. 

That was one relaxing time with my sister Odessa and her boyfriend Chris. I made carbonara, chorizo, and turon which is their favorite. Boys must have their chicken of course. Super simple but fun fun picnic =) 

I know you've heard me say this a million times before. But there is no other way to say it: Best things in life are free! Nature. Being with family. Time freedom. Thank You Lord for life's simple pleasures! 

We won't have it any other way. We love our life just the way it is :) 

Botanic Gardens is officially the place I love in Singapore. It's a little piece of "Philippines" for me. It somehow satisfies my "laid back" life cravings. Can't wait for next time!

Baby Talk :)

I swear not less than ten of my friends are having babies at this time. And every time I see babies I couldn't take my eyes off them. I just miss having baby! lol... Since God isn't giving our number three yet (sometimes I wonder if we will ever have more... considering my age, but I just trust His will!), I am  some kind of in the mood to scrap my boys baby photos... 

This use of Sizzix negatives was inspired by Aida Haron. I saw her make a layout using negatives and it's such a cool idea! Added trendy details such as wood veneers, cork arrows, dewdrops, paper clips... some stitching, stamping and water coloring too :) 

Doing a workshop on how to create this two layout this month at Thoughtful Crafts. Details are all HERE

Jimmy Badilla

He is fun-loving. Playful. Childlike. He loves sweets. Very thoughtful especially during our birthdays. We didn't have all the luxury in the world growing up. We may even have lacked on many things but I always thought we were just fine. There were bad days, like when he would scold and spank (this one's really scary!) but in good days, especially special days, he would think of ways to surprise us from making a funny card or inventing a fun game to make our birthdays memorable. I always couldn't sleep the night before my birthday because I'd be extremely excited. And it's always different each year! I remember waking up to a treasure hunt with lots of pink notes and directions leading to a "treasure" I still have those pink notes until now. 

How else could I best portray that side of him than by creating this playful, sweet collage card! The photo of him eating sweets right outside Candylicious is just perfect! 

Thank you for being just the way you are. You have molded the five of us in ways you may never have known.. Know that I will never choose any other father if given  a choice. My prayer is for you to always be happy and at peace and contented living your simple and humble life with Mamang. And here's from your apos... 

Happy Birthday Jimmy Badilla! Love and prayers and hugs and kisses from all of us :) 

Thoughtful Crafts | August Workshop

Hello Sunshine
Let's talk about trends! Water colors. Paper clips. Stars. Eyelets. Cork arrows... Let's get messy (but not so!) with stamps, ink splatters! And if you wish, let's do a little bit of machine stitching. Go home with two adorable dreamy layouts with lots of fun details... 

Workshop Dates:  10 & 24 August  | 10:00 AM 
Workshop Fee: $45
Duration: 3 hours
Things to bring: scissors, adhesives (Beacons + tape glue + foam dots) 2 pcs 4x6 photos

Back to Basics 
  • Do you like scrapbooking but you don't know how or where to start?
  • Do you love papers + scissors + glue and all the other  pretty things that you can create with it?
  • Are you a scrapper for quite some time already but somehow, sometimes gets stuck somewhere and would very much want to go back to basics? 
If you said YES to any of my questions then this class is for you! In this class, I will guide you on how to create your very own scrapbook page from scratch. Get familiar with scrapbook terms, tools and supplies. Learn the very basic but essential techniques of choosing photos + papers*+embellishments for your layout.  *papers may vary, depending of availability.

Workshop Dates: 11 August | 10:00 AM  
Workshop Fee: $40
Duration: 3 hours
Things to bring: 1-3 photos of the same theme and colors

Doll House (LAST CALL - 4 kits left!)

Make a perfect gift for someone who loves dolls or keep it  as a keepsake for yourself! This is an album at first glance but when you open it up, it transforms into a 2-storey, 8-room mansion! With pop-up dolls, tables and chairs and more miniature things like sewing machine, baskets, slippers and more... This is such a super cute project you will really enjoy making! *papers used may vary*

Workshop Dates: 31 August | 10:00 AM
Workshop Fee: $50 
Duration: 3 hours
Things to bring: scissors, adhesives (Beacons + tape glue + foam dots), bone folder,  score board (optional)

Workshop Venue: Right HERE in my happy place! Click in THIS link to see photos of our past workshops. 
How to Register: Leave a comment in this post of send me a private message HERE
Private Workshop: Interested to do a private workshop at my place? Just let me know trough the links I provided above :) Hope to hear from you!

Project Life Week 22 + Staycation Insert

I am officially an iphone photographer (I think). I have been taking photos, editing them, using it for blogging and product updates for the shoppe. This is not by choice. I have no choice (for now). I really suck at using my DSLR (thinking of selling it, as it frustrates me all the time -- no patience at all and lazy haha) Sigh. 

I do hope that one day I will be able to get photos that I really love. Those stuff I see in twopeas, Crate Paper and AC blogs... wish.. wish... 

Here's a PL page that looks better in person actual, I promise you :( 

I still got lots of really good photos taken by hubby during our staycation which I will make into an insert... if my time allows. Right now there's just so much on my plate and enjoying every bit of it. July was awesome and I'm already super excited for what August has in store for me! Thank You God for all the blessings, empowerment, guidance and strength... Amen.