Wrist Corsage in 3 Steps!

You know what I love about these Tattered Pinecone and Jumbo Tattered Pinecone dies from Sizzix? Because I can use it to make not just pinecones but pretty flowers too! 

So I used it to make a wrist corsage for one of my Thoughtful Crafts customer. She wanted silver with any color for accent and I thought it would look prettier to add flowers made of white cardstock and vellum paper. 

I always start my work with a clean surface, with all the materials in mind. I don't necessarily use all of it in the end because I never plan what to do.. I just go with the flow, enjoy the trial and error process. It works for me. So here you can see I have my Bigshot machine, dies, glitter cardstock, lace, adhesive. 

It always starts with cutting my shapes. And you need to layer the 'sandwich' made of Sizzix Cutting Pad + die + material to cut + and the second cutting pad. Roll the sandwich through the machine, and get the perfectly cut die-cuts in seconds! 

Next is to roll the die-cuts to make the flowers. You can find the detailed instructions on how to do this here

So pretty! And the silver leaves ... love it!

So these are the wrist corsage in 3 very easy steps: 
1. Die-cut with Sizzix.
2. Roll and assemble the flower and leaves. 
3. Attach to a layer of ribbon and laces, add pearl and stickles!

Done! :) 

By the way, here's an extra story... 

The boys are here at home. All. The. Time. Because it's school holidays until January. It's impossible to concentrate haha. And since I needed to post this blog, I went into hiding in the bedroom while they were playing outside. Guess what happened next... 

They followed me. They just follow me everywhere! LOL. So if I can't run away from them, I better have selfie with them :D

Have a great weekend! - Gen 

Sizzix Sneaks + Chorizo Memories

Good morning! Let's eat :)

I think the reason why I love this food, despite knowing it is really bad and sinful is that it brings back memories. I remember sharing this with my siblings when I was young, the feeling of "wanting more but can't have more" because there were five of us who will share a dozen. My brother, Jong would be so naughty he would hide his share under his rice and let all of us finish ours and when we do, he would take it out and eat it so slowly while we all watch him. Hahaha! 

Now that we are all grown up and have families of our own, I learned to make chorizo (thanks to my highschool classmate Mae Philline for the recipe!) I can have tens of dozens of chorizos anytime I want and can only wish to share it with my siblings whom I miss very much. Life. 

Anyway.. here are some sneak peek photos of my blog post for Sizzix this month.  Go and take a look! :) 

I have a feeling I'll be posting more personal stuff more often from now on :) I miss doing that... See yah!

Gifts With Love

Christmas is almost here! And next to being with family, cooking our favourite meals, decorating the house and wrapping gifts are the things I look forward to. There is something in wrapping gifts that makes me happy. But  when I need to wrap more than 30 little gifts just for my son's classmates, that's another story! 

That's why I love Sizzix so much... it makes things happen :) 

With Bigshot Plus Machine and its accessories, it is so easy to make these boxes. Once you picked the papers you like, go ahead and cut the shapes needed and to do this, you just need to follow the user-friendly instructions with illustrations found in the package. the Sizzix Thinlits Plus Pillow Box Die I can create gift boxes in seconds! 

Basically, you assemble the "sandwich" which is composed of the following: (bottom to top) Bigshot Plus platform + Bigshot Plus Adapter + Cutting Pad + paper + second cutting pad. This sandwich will then be run through the machine... and what comes out are perfectly cut and scored pillow die-cuts.

Just need to fold and glue the ends and the pillow boxes are ready! The boxes measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" --- quite big enough to wrap a regular size present. 

You can decorate it with tags, die-cuts, stickers... 

Or butterflies and buttons.. 

And ribbons of course! 
This very Christmas packaging will make any simple handmade gift a lot more special .. they won't know you made it in seconds :) 

Happy wrapping! 

Bigshot Plus Machine
Sizzix Pillow Box Die
papers - Carta Bella

Impossible Is Nothing With Sizzix :)

It is such a great feeling to do the impossible and I have to thank Sizzix for always being a trustworthy companion in such events of my life. Here's the story... 

Today is Children's Day here in Singapore and I only realised it yesterday when I saw a fellow mom, post her DIY sneak peek for children's day. I was instantly in panic mode because I know how much task I needed to finish yesterday and today.. There was totally NO TIME for a single card. What more for 34 cards? *collapse* 

So last night, I cancelled one meeting for this. I had no choice. Mommy duties always come first. And then, it was  time to use those mommy ninja moves! I wanted to create something quick and simple but spells "HAPPY" so I picked this all time favorite of mine, the Sizzix Originals Happy Phrase Die and all the sunshiny yellow cardstocks I have. 

Most of the time, I do not plan when I create. I love it the most when I do it that way. So there I was, mass producing the word "happy" without really thinking what to do next! Oh my!

"happy" x 34 :) I'd like to tie each die-cut with a baker's twine, but that didn't feel right :D so I looked around my scraproom... 

... and found my old  project life cards that have been gathering dust. Picked the ones with colors that are perfect for the sunny happy die-cuts. I love it! I was able to glue the words on 34 cards in minutes!

Just needed a little stamping.. and it's done! Instant cards for 34 kids that they can keep, paste on their notebooks, or use as bookmark.

Because a gift doesn't need to be complicated and extravagant... as long as it is made with sincere love :) Happy Children's Day! Not just to our kids but to us too.. because it is nice to continue to be childlike... and have a childlike faith. Peace and love to everyone! 

Sizzix Bigshot machine
Sizzix Standard Cutting Pad 
Sizzix Originals Happy Phrase Die
Assorted Yellow Cardstocks 
Project Life - Midnight
stamps - American Crafts
Archival Ink - Ranger

Have I told you ...

That I have a tutorial over at Sizzix? Check it out HERE =)

Tea Time! :)

It's a quite afternoon here at my craft room now. Perfect for a cup of tea and a card to brighten up your day. How are you all doing? :) 

This card is made using my Sizzix Bigshot machine, Teapot Stamp Framelits Set ( I only used the stamp from this set, and yes, Sizzix has got lots of really cute stamps!), Sweet Girl Thinlits Die Set and other supplies listed after this post.

Making cards with Sizzix is easy as 1, 2, 3! After preparing the card base which is basically just cutting 6x5 inch cardstock and fold it in half, go ahead and do the Sizzix magic!  Prepare the shapes by die-cutting using the Sizzix Bigshot. This wreathe for example, was from a thinlits die, and to cut thinlits you just need to assemble the "sandwich" which is composed of:  Sizzix magnetic Platform + Sizzix standard cutting pad +paper + thinlits dies facing down + cutting padRoll the sandwich through the machine and you will get the die-cut in seconds. I cut two of the same shape and layered it with foam dots for dimension. Added stickles as accent.  The sentiment stamp "you're my cup of tea" fits perfectly inside the wreathe. Love it. 

Using the same steps I mentioned, I made this tea set and tea cup. Then whitewashed it with pigment ink. So pretty, isn't it? :) 

Hope I inspired you today. See you again soon!  --- Gen 

Sizzix Bigshot machine
Teapot Stamp Framelits Set
Sweet Girl Thinlits Die Set 
patterned paper - Crate Paper 
white pigment ink
foam dots

Best Husband Award

Last Sunday, Benjo and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and I thought, he very much deserves an award for loving me despite my being a difficult wife sometimes if not always heheheee. So I gave him a trophy! 

That's not the trophy. That's the Sizzix Trophy die I used to make the trophy lol. How cool right? I don't need to think of what to give him year after year... I can just make! Maybe just vary the color every year. Hahaha... okay enough of my lame jokes let's move on... 

I wanted to make a card even though this die is not a card die. To do that, I folded the white 12x12" cardstock in half and position it over the die, making sure that the folded side should be inside the blade so that instead of cutting two separate pieces of trophies, you will have one card!  (I Hope I am making sense? I have another tutorial using this technique here)

The Sizzix sandwich for this: (from bottom to top): Sizzix standard cutting pad  + die + paper + cutting pad. Then I rolled the sandwich through my Bigshot machine. Quick and easy! 

This trophy card will open up so I can write my thoughts inside the page.

Here's the trophy for husband dear! The trophy die comes with a decorative accent die and I used it to cut the black cardstock accent for a chalk board effect. 

A handwritten award which we eventually both laughed. How can he not be my best husband when he is the only one hahah!

But seriously, it also means he is my...
Best Friend
Best Coffee Buddy
Best Business Partner
Best Photo Taker
Best Confidante
Best Critique
Best Sugar Daddy jk! :D

So he definitely deserves the award and a cool gift :) 

... and a nice lunch :) 

Thank you BB for our 12 years. God is so loving. He gave you to me. I love you! 

And that's how we celebrated our day.. spent the whole day at home with the kids... and then at night, we went to the park. The couple shirts given by my sister Che-che were so perfect for the occasion :) 

Best things in life are the most simple things money can't buy.

Sizzix Trophy die
Sizzix Bigshot machine
others: cardstock, ribbon, white pen, adhesives

1 Flower Die, 2 Cards for Made With Love

Hi! A very quick but hopefully a useful one for you all! :)

There are more than one ways you can use a flower die and that's what I'm going to share with you today. I made two different cards using just one die --- The Sizzix Flower Layers & Leaf die.  

I took my vellum papers and started to die-cut many layers of flowers and leaves.  The first flower I made was super easy. I just layered the flowers using foam dots, and then curled the edges. I added a brad button at the center, and added the leaves behind. 

The 2nd card I made will be  a lot more dimensional...

Again using the same flower die-cuts, I started making peonies by folding the flower in half... 

... and I fold it again, and stapled it.

I made about 6 of it and glued it like together until it looks like a peony. I then used my fingertip to add stickles to it. 

I hope you like my simple flower tricks :) Have a gread day ahead!

Sizzix Flower Layers & Leaf die
Sizzix Bigshot Plus
paper - Authentique
brad button