Sizzix Sneaks + Chorizo Memories

Good morning! Let's eat :)

I think the reason why I love this food, despite knowing it is really bad and sinful is that it brings back memories. I remember sharing this with my siblings when I was young, the feeling of "wanting more but can't have more" because there were five of us who will share a dozen. My brother, Jong would be so naughty he would hide his share under his rice and let all of us finish ours and when we do, he would take it out and eat it so slowly while we all watch him. Hahaha! 

Now that we are all grown up and have families of our own, I learned to make chorizo (thanks to my highschool classmate Mae Philline for the recipe!) I can have tens of dozens of chorizos anytime I want and can only wish to share it with my siblings whom I miss very much. Life. 

Anyway.. here are some sneak peek photos of my blog post for Sizzix this month.  Go and take a look! :) 

I have a feeling I'll be posting more personal stuff more often from now on :) I miss doing that... See yah!

Gifts With Love

Christmas is almost here! And next to being with family, cooking our favourite meals, decorating the house and wrapping gifts are the things I look forward to. There is something in wrapping gifts that makes me happy. But  when I need to wrap more than 30 little gifts just for my son's classmates, that's another story! 

That's why I love Sizzix so much... it makes things happen :) 

With Bigshot Plus Machine and its accessories, it is so easy to make these boxes. Once you picked the papers you like, go ahead and cut the shapes needed and to do this, you just need to follow the user-friendly instructions with illustrations found in the package. the Sizzix Thinlits Plus Pillow Box Die I can create gift boxes in seconds! 

Basically, you assemble the "sandwich" which is composed of the following: (bottom to top) Bigshot Plus platform + Bigshot Plus Adapter + Cutting Pad + paper + second cutting pad. This sandwich will then be run through the machine... and what comes out are perfectly cut and scored pillow die-cuts.

Just need to fold and glue the ends and the pillow boxes are ready! The boxes measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" --- quite big enough to wrap a regular size present. 

You can decorate it with tags, die-cuts, stickers... 

Or butterflies and buttons.. 

And ribbons of course! 
This very Christmas packaging will make any simple handmade gift a lot more special .. they won't know you made it in seconds :) 

Happy wrapping! 

Bigshot Plus Machine
Sizzix Pillow Box Die
papers - Carta Bella