Dear Papang and Mamang...

I honestly dont like the fact that you are in the hospital now. But I believe you feel happy and very blessed. My prayer is that you will always find pure peace in your heart... and the kind of happiness nga indi ma kuha sa tawo, sa kalibutan and even sa facebook... our love for you is so much more that what can be seen and said. Know that you did and gave the best thing any parent could give to their children --- FAITH. God is so merciful and loving and we have witnessed that because you guided us and you did so well in transmitting your faith to us. For me, that is worth more than all the riches this world can ever give. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything. Thank God for all his mercy and love to our family manifested in all the struggles we have gone through, the tears and the laughters... life could have been boring and shallow without all these.

We love you our dear parents. If you love us enough to want to stay longer in this world and spend more years with us until you reach your golden anniversary, please be extra careful with what you eat (the jollibee take out made me upset, I cried) please be mindful of your sleeping time, take your supplements religiously and avoid stressors that could further harm your health such as carrying heavy stuff.. etc.

We wish we could be with you today, to visit you in the hospital. I could bake a delicious cake. Miguel and Kuya could sing karaoke. And this day could be as perfect as a rainbow. But God placed each of us where we should be at this moment and we have to trust Him and be grateful.

Happy 43rd anniversary! We love you very much.
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Benjo, Rujim and Migs (and Mae)

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