Kidzania 2016

Finally, the boys were able to experience Kidzania! We went there with no enough knowledge of what it was all about except that it's a huge "pretend play" theme park for kids. The night before, I saw bad reviews on facebook about the insanely long queue not just at entrance but in all activities and kiddy jobs. Uh oh. 

Kuya has autism and although he can tolerate mild to moderate waiting time, I was not so sure about the "insanely long" kind of waiting time. So because Benjo already bought the tickets online and Miguel "couldn't stop grinning" it was too late to back out.  That explains my hoping-for-the-best-expecting-the-worst-face in the photo. 

Now imagine my face when I saw this! SHORT QUEUE!

The start of an amazing adventure! Look at those priceless smiles :) 

They gave us  these Radio Frequency Identification bracelets. Kids are only allowed to go out if their bracelets match with the bracelets of those who accompany them.  Kuya's was a special (red) bracelet so that all the staff will know he has autism. Apparently all the staff are trained to handle children with special needs. How AWESOME!

Happy trip!!! 

Arrival at Kidzania. It looks like a small city full of very busy small people. I mean big kids. I mean kids who think they are big people! Once we got there, I was overwhelmed with cuteness! 

The first thing Miguel saw was the acting workshop. 

But wanting to become an actor didn't last too long because now he wants to be a scientist.

We are fine with anything they want to be. Full support!

Even when they become delivery boys, as long as they are happy (and as cute as this when they work haaha). This was one of the activities I enjoyed much. It was so "real" until I looked at the "first salary" they gave me and I saw it was Kidzos and not in dollars or pesos lol. 

At one point Miguel 's bracelet won't work  Miguel was called to report to the immigration office due to his questionable identity. Good thing it was settled so he was able to continue making his dreams come true. Such as being a producer/anchor to his own documentary show at Discovery Channel. 

Now he wants to be a crew at KFC. 

But being a health researcher was too hard to resist. Especially if you come out with freebies!

Now here's the best part. The part where I got emotional.... this was when Kuya joined Miguel again to be a firefighter! Migs was always mindful of his brother, reminding him, giving him a nudge or instructions, making the experience so fun not just for him but for his brother too.  Benjo and I were watching,  speechless. At one point there was a woman who approached me, telling me how blessed I am to have both of them. We both got teary-eyed. Maybe also because we're both at our 40's, hormones make us cry always :D

Here we are, at the end of the day, so happy and full of new fun and cute memories. Maybe we just got lucky that even if it was a school holiday, it was not as crowded as described by many. And even if it was crowded there's still something we can get out of it. Like when we were queuing at the courier job, I told the boys its really like that when you are looking for a job. You need to sacrifice and work hard and wait. 

So if you are a parent, contemplating of whether you give Kidzania a try, JUST GO. It's a wonderful experience your child should not miss. 

To the staff of Kidzania especially those at the fire station, THANK YOU! Hats off to you for being so passionate in what you do and for giving our children  an experience they won't forget!

Till our next adventure! :)

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